For those who have been regularly reading my blog, you know how much I love all those food escapades with my friends. One of our favorite destinations is Estero in Binondo. I blogged about the place twice. You can find those posts here.

I searched for other bloggers who also made posts for Estero. I googled pictures and I found my own photo uploads in the search results. It made me happy because my blog is becoming searchable which I felt in one way or another, will increase my readership. After the small happiness, I found this

 A familiar photo!

If enlarged, this is how will it appear
Photo used without permission by Best Philippine Attractions

I made my first post about Estero last year and one of the photos I took and uploaded in this blog was this

Did someone just steal my picture?

I checked the site that apparently used my photo without permission or even an acknowledgement. The site as it appears is hosted by The BigNM and Links2Prosperity. 

I don't really mind if other people grab and use my pictures without permission. I am likewise not familiar with copyright laws so I don't even know if my blog is legally protected from such misuse. I admit, I also grab pictures from other blogs and websites. However, I don't claim ownership for the pictures. In effect, I link each source as my way of showing respect to the real owner.

My only request to those people who intend to use any of my photos is to identify my blog as the original source. 

I don't mean to be selfish here. A little respect in the form of acknowledgement would be enough.