Sunday, March 4, 2012

I admire him!

He has Asian blood.
He was a product of hardships and perseverance.
He valued his studies above anything else.
We both have a degree in Economics.
But He was way beyond me because he earned his degree from Harvard

From couch to clutch..... I admired the man who created his own LINderella story

I know he is not the handsomest, but I am developing a serious crush on you.. Jeremy Lin :) 


  1. Me too!! :)) Jeremy Lin is SOOOO AMAZING.

  2. Oh my crush away! I think faith, intelligence, perseverance, athleticism, and hard working are VERY "handsome." :)Such a wonderful example for others.

  3. It is truly the character and the actions that make a man most attractive. Amazing story.

  4. thanks for sharing that... :')
    i was suddenly inspired to work harder on my projects today...LOL


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