Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

The author of this quote was the great person behind the third destination of my Hong Kong tour. So where particularly is the land of fantasy? Here, take a glimpse and enjoy the photos

In order to reach the land of fantasy, you have to transfer to different lines of train stations, which is quite confusing but definitely worth the fun and adventure.

The kid at heart in me was brought to life as I stepped inside the train.

The train is already an attraction. But there's more inside the station

As soon as you move out of the train station, here's what will welcome you
I am finally in Disneyland!

We visited Disneyland on a Monday to avoid the bulk of people during weekends. We also anticipated the long lines for the tickets. In effect, we decided to purchase our tickets online, weeks before our tour. Suprisingly, verifyng and even purchasing tickets was a breeze. We have also discovered that a number of hotels and guests houses in Hong Kong are selling discounted tickets to Disneyland.

Finally we have entered the land of happiness and fantasy!

The structure above serves as the central station of the train that routes the entire Disneyland. You can have a full view of Disneyland by riding the train.

To get inside the train, you have to enter the main station 

Here are more sceneries in the land of fantasy

During night time, this is how the structures appear

If my way to work and home will be as picture perfect as this, imagine the level of stress that will be taken away from my system

 Walking towards the heart of the park will lead you to one of the main attractions

There are numerous rides and attractions to experience in Disneyland. We stayed only for a day so we were not able to explore everything.We tried four attractions which include the Mickey's Philhar Magic (a 4D animation film that showcases the different Disney characters, a must try!), Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters (a video game inspired attraction that allows visitors to shoot Buzz's enemies using laser guns), Autopia (an enclosed racing track where visitors can steer computer controlled cars) and Adventure Land where anyone can have a complete safari experience.

Here are more pictures I have captured from our river cruise in Adventure Land
The team responsible for constructing Adventure Land was a total genius. They made the place look like a real segment of the wild Amazon River.

Hours of strolling the park will surely make you hungry
Left is my lunch and right is my afternoon merienda (snacks)

Bringing of food and drinks inside the park is strictly prohibited. Inspection of bags is conducted to ensure that this rule strictly observed. If you have plans to visit Disneyland, I suggest a budget of Php 500 ($11) per meal. And yes, food inside the premises of the park are so expensive.

The highlight of the day was the fireworks in Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

A day may not be enough to tour all the attractions in Disneyland. The park also closes early. During our visit, the park was closed at around 8:30 pm. If you are traveling with kids who wanted to try every piece of attraction, here are my personal tips
1. Arrive early! The park already opens at 10:00 am
2. Make your itinerary. Browse Disney's website and prioritize the rides and attractions you want to avail.
3. If your budget permits, purchase the Star Pass booklet to enjoy priority entrance to selected attractions. This costs around HKD 90 (Php 540). 

I have tons of captured pictures from Disneyland. As much as I want to squeeze them in one post, it would take forever to upload and edit each photo. On my next post, I will share other things you can enjoy in Disneyland.