Finally! I am writing a decent post. Sorry for flooding you with the teasers and lousy photo posts. Blame it to my busy schedule, pending works and partly, the laziness to write. So where have I been in the past few days? One of my readers guessed it right. Yes AC, I flew to Hong Kong with some of my colleagues. Before I share my Hong Kong experience, allow me first to relate the story of my unplanned trip. Early this year, Cebu Pacific offered seat sales to different Asian destinations. My colleague invited me to join and I easily gave in. Hours after booking the flight, my stupidity and adrenaline rush subsided. I woke up realizing that I am not financially prepared. I made second thoughts but I decided to hold on to my two f's; faith and fate. I exhausted all means to finance my trip and I believe the heavens also connived with me. So there! I was able to add a second country in my traveled list.

We stayed in Hong Kong for three days. Since we were working on a tight budget, we preferred not to avail the expensive hotels. We opted to stay in a cheaper yet safe and clean guest house. We also considered the fact that we are out in the streets in our entire stay. Hence, we might not be able to maximize and enjoy the facilities of a five star hotel. Our forecasts were accurate because of the three days we stayed in Hong Kong, we leave our place at 10 am and return the next day at 2:30 am. Phew! We were literally living in the streets of Hong Kong.

We landed in Hong Kong around 7:00 pm. Our first itinerary was to explore Kowloon and the night market. Unfortunately, we failed to anticipate the long lines in the Immigration area. Since Hong Kong serves as a gateway to other Asian countries it usually receives a lot of connecting flights and arrivals. Lesson learned, expect and devote an hour in their arrival area. Instead of exploring Hong Kong's shopping mecca, we explored the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui

I really appreciate pieces of greeneries in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city. The next pictures were captured the next morning.

A number of my friends and relatives told me that Giordano is cheap in Hong Kong. In my experience though, not really....There's only minimal difference against Manila prices.

This signage made me laugh :)

In the Philippines, most boutiques are found in enclosed buildings of shopping malls. The system is not the same for Hong Kong. You would often see branded to signature shops scattered along the streets.

After dinner, we went to the Avenue of Stars. We decided to take our Hong Kong adventure to the next level so off we took the long walk. My companions were likewise very particular about spending so we avoided taking expensive taxis around the city.

After an hour of walking we finally found the Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood's Walk of Fame. The place features hand prints of different Asian celebrities such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and my all time crush

Jet Li!!!

Someone's dream has been fulfilled here :)

Hey Bruce!

We visited the Avenue of Stars late in the evening, which in my opinion is not a good decision. The Avenue of Stars is located along the Victoria Harbor waterfront. During night time, the place is cold, dark and foggy. You cannot observe the spectacular view of the high rise buildings, it's hard to take decent pictures, and worst, you might catch colds from the unfavorable temperature.

But here's something to keep you warm :)

Like my friend T, I am starting to collect Starbucks' tumblers of the places I have visited.

On the way to our place, we passed by this piece of cuteness

A closer look

Too bad, Charlie Brown Cafe already called it a day.

I hope you enjoyed my first Hong Kong travel post. This is just Day 1. I will share more places and experiences......when? Soon! LOL

PS To all my blog friends who have been leaving comments in my blog, thank you very much! You just don't know how each visit and comment make me happy. I will do my own blog hop as soon as I finish my pending year end works. For now, I'm back to computing and encoding grades :)