A credit card and internet connection in a sleepy, working Wednesday morning, what happens? Online shopping, kill my shopaholic hormones now :)

So here's the full account of my sinful Wednesday morning,

I've been encountering Zalora from some of the fashion bloggers I stalk. My curiousity made me google the site and I was brought to a heaven of shoes, clothes and bags :)

Online shopping was never in my vocabulary...before. I only visit online stores for browsing and window shopping. I was never convinced with the idea because I always wanted to ensure a perfect fit whenever I purchase shoes or clothes. I likewise don't want to risk my time and money to items that only look good to the built of the skinny models. As I was window shopping in Zalora, I saw one of my dream shoes, Anthology's St. Barts in midnight blue.

Though I know my size in Anthology, my heart remained still. I was convinced that there will be no force strong enough to make me purchase the pair. But I was all wrong :) I learned that Zalora is giving away a free Php 250 gift voucher for new members. And this started the story of my first online shopping experience.

Ordering at Zalora is fast and easy. Add your items to your cart, sign up, enter your credit card number and that's it! After the confirmation, the item will be shipped at no cost to anywhere in the Philippines. But here's the catch, they are claiming that they can deliver orders within three hours to areas within Metro Manila. My order and payment was confirmed at 11:13 am. Did my order arrive in 3 hours? Unfortunately, my shoes was delivered at around 3:30 pm, an hour late of my expected time. Honestly, I wasn't frustrated or disappointed. I wasn't also expecting the strict compliance of 3 hours, considering the traffic and intermittent weather condition.

The fruit of my sin!

The easiest path to self destruction
As much as I promised myself not to anymore use my credit card, Zalora and the internet connection are not helping. If possible, may I request our IT Department to include Zalora and other online shopping sites to their blocked sites. :-) If not, I am surely on the way to my own shopaholic self destruction. As much as I love shoes, clothes and bags, I don't want to become the real life version of  Rebecca Bloomwood.