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I love Cecelia Ahern. I've been a fan since I discovered her debut novel, P.S. I love you. I read most of her books and so far, she never failed to appeal the hopeless romantic and kid at heart in me. Except for one book, where she seemed to join some nationalities in highlighting that we are a nation of nannies and maids. I would like to emphasize though that I was never ashamed of my fellowmen, who were forced to leave their families and embrace any occupation abroad. In fact, I admire each of them for having the courage, determination, perseverance and selfless love for their families.

I would like to believe that I'm a fair and objective person so I'm giving Ahern the trust and benefit of the doubt. To compensate, I'm reviewing one of her recent works, The Time of my Life.

The book relates the story of Lucy Silchester, a young professional who seems lose interest over her life. What happens when you feel that everything about your life is turning to a huge mess? One day Lucy receives a letter, whose sender requests for an appointment. The letter peculiarly came from her life... What happens when you meet your life? How do you see your life when it incarnates as a real human being? Better yet, how would you face your own life?

After Lucy met Life, he joined Lucy on her everyday activities, work-home-friends. As Lucy explains to Life her sentiments and some self-imposed sadness, the reader will be able to trace why Lucy's life was shaken and turned out to be so pathetic. Life on the other hand explains to Lucy the repercussions of all the mistakes and decisions she made.

The book is very ideal for women or for anyone, who seems to lose interest over the current state of their life. People who are experiencing occasional sadness and depressions (I guess that includes me.) are perfect to read the book. As Lucy relates what happened to her life, Life tries to provide a reason for everything. Along the way, the readers will learn some lessons from Lucy's life too. Some words in the novel that affected me are the following,

You never forget about the things you’ve done that you know you shouldn’t have done.” 

“Sometimes wrong numbers are the right numbers”  

“How else do you think life happens? A series of coincidences and occurrences have to happen somehow. Our lives all crash and collide and you think there's no reason or rhyme to it? If there wasn't any reason for it all, what would be the point? Why do you think anything happens at all? There is an outcome, repercussions and occurrences to everybody you meet and everything you say.” 

 and like a typical work from Ahern, the book ends with a powerful quote about life.

Overall, I would recommend The Time of my Life as good read to every woman. The book evolved around the life of a sad girl, yet the story wasn't drowning with depressing thoughts. It is ironically rich with lessons and unrealized thoughts about our lives.