Hello everyone! My summer hibernation mode is over. I'm back in the city and tomorrow, I will be reporting for work again. (Rendering a heavy and big sigh while typing.) Before I sleep and return to my everyday life, I will fulfill my promise of sharing stories and experiences of my three-day summer vacay.

Together with my colleagues, we went to the beautiful island of Boracay. My fellow Filipino bloggers are already familiar with Boracay. For typical Filipinos, Boracay has been equated as one of the best beaches in the Philippines. For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, allow me to relate some information about Boracay.

Boracay is only one of the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines. The Philippines is an archipelago (group of islands) which makes it very abundant of beaches. However, when a typical Filipino is asked to identify the best beach in the Philippines, Boracay would surely make it to the top list. The island of Boracay measures around 1,006 hectares and is shaped like a dog bone. Boracay boasts 12 beaches. The most famous include the Bulabog Beach, Puka Shell Beach and the White Beach, where I spent my vacation. White Beach is best known for the finest and whitest sand and the crystal blue waters.

Boracay, particularly the White Beach, has been a developed tourist attraction. Hence, aside from the beach, tourists can avail and enjoy a number of amenities and activities. But for any tourist, I guess the first consideration is still the accommodation. The White Beach offers a varied range of accommodation facilities. Budget to high-end travelers can choose from different hotels and resorts. You can visit this site to verify the accredited list of hotels and resorts in Boracay. In our case, we were housed in Casa Pilar during our entire stay.

Getting to Boracay almost exhausted all my energy.  The Zest Air flight from Manila to Kalibo, 2 hours of land travel from Kalibo to Caticlan, boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay and a 10-minute multi-cab ride to finally reach the White Beach. Whew! Tired, hungry and thirsty, Casa Pilar gave us this welcome drink

We consumed this drink in this relaxing spot at the beach front

We reached Casa Pilar around 1 pm. After having our recovery lunch, we decided to check in our rooms and gave ourselves our much needed rest.

Most of the rooms in Casa Pilar are inspired by the classic Nipa huts.

Our group however was stationed in a log cabin inspired room.

If I will rate Casa Pilar, I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. The strong points of Casa Pilar are the provision of complimentary breakfast, everyday cleaning and maintenance of the rooms, excellent airconditioning units and being conveniently located at the beach front. Some weak points of the resort include the absence of telephone lines in each room and the exclusion of wifi connection in their accommodation package. You have to pay to access their wifi services.

After cocooning in our airconditioned rooms, we went out just in time for sunset. I love the beach either during sunrise or sunset. I'm lucky because my roommates shared the same preference. Here are some pictures of the White Beach I have captured during sunset.

Staying in Boracay will never be complete without a bountiful seafood dinner.

In case you will have the chance to visit Boracay, don't let this opportunity pass away. Aside from great food, I got addicted over this healthy and refreshing drink.

Watermelon shake is the best!

This is just Day 1 of my Borcay trip. On my next post, I'll share one of the best and first time experiences I made in Boracay.