Aside from all the water activities, shopping is another activity you can enjoy in Boracay. To us Filipinos, traveling is synonymous to shopping. Whenever we visit a new place, we have this need of buying pasalubong, gifts or souvenir items from the places we have visited. We give these gifts to people close to us such as our family, friends, colleagues and relatives.

Pasalubong from Boracay can be purchased from D'Mall, which is conveniently located at the beach front. However, if you are into real budget finds, I suggest going to the E-Mall @ Talipapa. If you have bargaining skills and can lobby prices with the tindera (sales clerks), then you are very fitted to shop in the E-Mall. The only disadvantage I can see with the E-Mall is the additional effort and patience needed in walking and exploring the narrow pathways to each store. D'Mall offers branded to cheap items. Brands such as Toms, Havaianas, Fit Flops have their own boutiques. Retailers selling t-shirts and other cheap souvenir items are also available at D'Mall.

I wasn't able to take pictures from the E-Mall. When we shopped at the E-Mall, I was all exhausted and unfortunately suffering from menstrual cramps. I was able to take a few good shots from D'Mall since we immediately visited it on our first day in Boracay. Here are some locally produced items you can consider as pasalubong from D'Mall.

T-shirts are one of the cheapest pasalubong you can purchase from Boracay. Some shops offer t-shirts for as low as Php 95 (around $2). A few shops offer volume discounts, especially if you know how to haggle. ;)

Summer dresses are also available for as low as Php 300.

The smallest red and green slippers I've ever seen :D

In case you forgot, lost or damaged your flip flops, cheap to expensive brands are available at D'Mall.
Colorful slippers from Ipanema and Grendha.

These cloth lamps are bundled as three pieces for Php 100 (around $ 2). However, you have to install your own light bulbs for the lamps to function.

Accessories, made of wood, plastic and real shells, is another cheap pasalubong you can consider.

Colorful handbags made from Abaca are sold almost everywhere too.

There is one store that caught my attention.
This shop sells decorative items that are made of pure shell. As you enter their limited space, you will be mesmerized by what you can see from their ceiling.

When I become rich, one of the rooms in my house will be filled by these hanging decorative pieces too.

I hope my namemate and blog friend, Diane of Lavender Dreams would see these.
Compact mirror and small boxes made of shells.

This is it for my Boracay trip. As much as I wanted to share more pictures of Boracay, I need to move on and delve on the next chapters of my life. Travel is over, I'm broke so I need to work. LOL It would take some months for me to visit another place.