I never realized how fast my two-month summer or should I say, teaching break went away. May will soon be over and in a few more weeks, I'm back to teaching again. Do I sound sad? It may surprise you but I'm actually happy and thankful for another semester of teaching opportunity. For those who are not familiar with my job, I actually work full time at the Corporate Planning Office of one of the oldest colleges in Manila. I only teach after my 8 am to 5 pm office work. Teaching is only an additional assignment for me. Whenever the college needs additional instructors to handle the remaining courses that the full time professors can no longer accommodate, that's when I came in. Needless to say, my teaching opportunity only arrives as the need arises. Though I may appear only as a contigency or back up resource, I never belittled the job. I see every teaching assignment as an opportunity to fulfill the educator thriving in me.

I was told this morning that I will handle two classes in Economics. Hooray! To my excitement, I'm already searching  interesting reading materials for my students. Admit it, Economics is one of the most boring courses you'll ever encounter. So I have to exhaust some means to capture the interest of my restless college kids. :-)

Still talking about my job, I'm handling two freelance works now. I rush home after office and crack my brains to think, analyze and write. Both jobs require me to prepare researches that are a bit out of my comfort zone. I'm still figuring out how to untangle the ropes but hopefully, (please pray for me) I'll be able to accomplish everything on time and later make my clients happy. Speaking about my freelance jobs, I was able to serve three clients over the past months. One of the clients was "unfortunately or fortunately?" a relative and up to this date, they left me hanging in the tree of uncertainty. I fulfilled my responsibility of doing the job, I hope they fulfill their role as a client too.

Since I'm talking about work life in a school, I'd like to share the marketing audio visual presentation of Yale University. I've seen a number of AVPs of colleges and universities, but I find this one so unique and (pardon the informal adjective) cute :-)