Friday, June 22, 2012

Composure and Truthfulness

My previous post reflects of how things transpired at the work place over the past days. I still have tomorrow before this week ends. Whew! Since it would be Friday tomorrow, I hope God will give me a pre-weekend breather. At any case, after all what prevailed over the past days, I AM READY. I have been tested and I can’t anymore imagine anything worst to happen.

As much as I wanted to detail the events that rattled me over the past four days, I feel that it would be best if I keep things to myself.  What I would rather share are a few things that made me thankful and gave me a new set of realizations about work and life.

First realization: COMPOSURE

Composure never fails to save the day. I have proven that this principle never fails to work in those instances when someone is trying to engage me in a spat. For the record, I received one of the hardest slaps of harsh words in my career this week. Award!!
I have been provoked many times but I can humbly claim that I never joined their game. I never added fuel to their fire, in like manner that I never sparked any fire. My silent personality is perhaps the main reason why I maintained my hard earned composure. I guess my few years of teaching have also contributed in making me learn the skill in extending patience. Patience planted from teaching served me well and all those experiences when composure successfully prevailed conditioned me to hold on to this attitude.

Second realization: TRUTH

Whatever happens, always stick with the truth. One of those many values that are always easier said than done. I wouldn’t claim total compliance with this principle. I have my own share of concealing some truth especially when expected accomplishments of the office are concerned. We cover up for things that were left unaccomplished. Hiding the truth is already an offense. However, when hiding the truth meant pulling down other people to your self-imposed misfortune, it mutates to a disaster that later yields more innocent victims. Yes, I became one of the major casualties of some intentionally maligned information. I was placed at the losing end. I confessed that the situation made me furious to the extent that I wanted to finally break free from my hard earned composure. But in God’s grace, the good in me prevailed. Diplomacy, professionalism and values reigned in me.

After the incident, I realized that in a way, everything that happened was still a blessing. I now know what kind of person they are. I was tested. I was able to show my principles. More importantly, three important things happened

1. I learned a lesson.
2. I was able to teach them their much needed lesson and
3. I was able deliver my message the way I wanted them to receive it.

I may be caught as the catch basin of a storm. I was the unfortunate underdog. However, I know that I can still walk out with my head held up high because I allowed my composure and truthfulness to come our way.


  1. Im loving the lessons I have been learning from you lately Dianne!

  2. I'm so sorry you have gone through a bad ordeal. I know you have handled it with grace and I am proud of you. Sweet hugs my name mate and friend!

  3. Diane,

    it sounds like this was a pretty hectic and serious situation. You handled the situation so well that I am blown away by it! The way you explained everything is another extension of how you handled it so well.... Next time that I'm in a situation where my patience is being tested and I am going through a test or trial... I am going to remember to keep my composure as well. What a beautiful lesson... I can only imagine the joy you feel knowing you kept your composure and can now still hold your head high, while the other person probably feels pretty silly and hangs their head low for causing such a situation.

    you are amazing!!!

  4. Dear Diane,

    whatever awful thing happened you definitely are the stronger person!! It would be so easy to fight fire with fire, but you handled the situation exceptionally well! You should be very proud of yourself for maintaining composure! Thumbs up :)
    But for now, don't think about it too much, enjoy the precious weekend. Hugs to you, Duni

  5. Diane, I am so sorry to read this. I don't understand why I only saw this today when I know I usually go through your posts at least once a week. I'm glad you were able to see the silver lining in this dark cloud.

    But just in case you start feeling that this, "For the record, I received one of the hardest slaps of harsh words in my career this week", still upsets you, tara, turo mo sa kin ;)


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