I woke up this day with this view
Perfect Bed Weather!
Summer here is officially over. The temperature cools down but the downside is I have to endure the rain on the way to work again. If only everyday meant staying at home and cocooning in bed, then this weather is just so perfect.

At work, I realized that I still have plenty of vacation leave credits. In the case of my employer, all leave credits in excess of 30 days will be forfeited after May 2012. Though I have no errands to attend, I was forced to utilize my leave credits. Instead of staying home, I went mall hopping with my friend Anne. We chose to visit shopping malls that are a bit far from our place. We planned to just window shop but of course, I ended up buying something for myself. A confession to make, I was and still disappointed over the past days because some freelance clients decided to play catch-me-if-you-can. After the work was done, I was left hanging in the tree of uncertainty. This is also the main reason why I can't let go of my antique Nokia E63.

The disappointed me swiped for a new blouse and there, I made another financial damage to myself. The shopaholic story is not over yet because Anne and I went book shopping too.

I love to shop in bargain bookstores. I ended up buying this chick lit from Jane Green.
I never knew Jane Green not until Kaith recommended it through Twitter. Anyone who have read books authored by Jane Green? I would love to hear your reviews. I bought this book for Php 75 (around $ 1) only. I hope it's really a good bargain buy.

Anne and I also passed at our favorite Fully Booked and I ended up with this
There were plenty of heavenly reads at Fully Booked. I was tempted to purchase more but self control hormones finally prevailed. Thank God!  This book was authored by a female Korean and I believe it received awards and citations, apart from what was written in the cover. Hopefully, I'll finish the book soon and I'll be blogging for a review. I miss writing book reviews here.

A date with a girlfriend will never be complete without a great meal. So here's what we pigged out
Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta
This is a new discovery from Yellow Cab. Pasta with chicken strips shitake mushroom, roasted peanuts and spicy oriental sauce is for the win!
We were not contented with the pasta so we had spicy chicken wings too. Say hello to calories, cholesterol  and weight gain!

I can't help but post this beautiful scenery while we were enjoying our meals
Perfect Rainy Afternoon Date
While it's school vacay in the other side of the world, the opposite happens in the Philippines. I thought the opening of classes in our school will still be next week. To my surprise, I'll be back to teaching on Monday. So this gave me a reason to go shopping again

A rainy day bag, another notebook to fill out, and index cards to be given to the new set of restless college kids I'm about to meet. See you on Monday kids :)

My shopaholic story is still not over. I bought this cute book, I mean box from last payday
 I want to have more of this!

Before I finally finish this post, I'd like to call the attention of my friends (blogger or not)  from the Philippines. Anyone interested to own these books?

Janelle, Kelley, Jen, my cousin Susie, my few friends or blog hoppers from the Philippines, please send me a mail {dianewrites15[at]gmail[dot]com} in case you are interested with any of the titles. I will send them to you for free. Please adopt and read them :) 

As much as I wanted to offer these books to my blog friends abroad, I can't because of the expensive shipping rates.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!