It's been two weeks when I went back to teaching. Everything is manageable now except for the freelance works that I'm still struggling to finish. Speaking of freelance works, my past clients still left me hanging in the tree of uncertainty. I can really feel the impact of my little misfortune especially now that I'm going #BROKEbackmountain (as how me and my friends would exaggeratedly term the condition of feeling almost penniless). I'm painfully learning something from this experience... Right now, I think I need someone to peel a packaging tape and stick it on my mouth to stop me ranting.:D

Before I forget that it's still Beautiful Sunday, I should start by mentioning my current reads.

I'm still enjoying Jane Green's Bookends.
I got my copy for only Php 75 from Booksale. I'm enjoying Jane Green's writing style so I'm extending her to my iPad read.

Seductive legs? Yes, but this is not an adult fiction. :) It's on the contrary a witty and hilarious read that relates the struggles of a single and oversized woman who falls in love for.... Wait? Is this my life story? LOL 

Thanks again Kaith for recommending Jane Green.

Weeks before my classes started, I mentioned that I cleaned my room and I found these old letters in my treasure chest

Letters from my South Korean penfriends! You know how much this country interests me these days. My regret now is that I stopped exchanging letters with them. If only I pursued our letter writing friendship, I have them for more than 10 years now. More importantly, my dream of visiting South Korea and finally meeting Mr. P is closer to reality LOL

Lastly, I'd like to post my an update to my journal project.
Hi Ricki! I hope I'm not annoying and giving you regrets of accepting me in the challenge. :)

This probably marks the end of my attempt to rekindle my interest over arts and crafts. Calling my lifeline, Jenn, Jen, Janelle and Betsy, can I loan your talents for a while?

I know this appears to be a lousy post. This reflects the fact that I feel unproductive over the past days. I've been accumulating tardiness records again. I don't get my much needed sleep. I'm not satisfactorily progressing with my two freelance works. I suffered from slight fever and colds over the past days and for some reason, I feel lazy and unmotivated over the past weeks. Sigh.. Hoping things and life will be better over the next days.