I have been talking about my work in this blog for almost forever. Most of the work I mentioned here evolved on my part time teaching stints and the occasional freelance writing jobs I receive. Only my few blog friends know that above and before anything else, I'm your typical rank and file employee.

I started my career in one of the oldest colleges in my country. I was assigned at the Research Department for a number of years. The years I had in Research represent my first years of working and the long list of happiness and heartaches to share. I had three department heads and colleagues who left and a few who remained. When job rotation was introduced at the work place, I was one of those who were affected. I was moved to the Corporate Planning Department. Ironically, my current department who owns the record of having the longest name in the company houses only two members. My ambitious department is manned by me and my boss. We may not be technically counted as a group or a team, but our work was never limited in our space. Most of our tasks involved coordination with other departments. For my blog friends who are also working, you know that most of the challenges and headaches at work emerge when more people and coordination are required. :D

When I was first transferred to my second home, me and my boss stayed in this teeny tiny space. How tiny? He could almost see and read the sites and programs I open from my computer. Hence, I was so productive during those years. Haha When I need to talk to him, I just swivel my chair to my right and there, we have an instant departmental meeting. After a year, we were fortunately relocated to a bigger place. Another irony in my worklife, our new space used to be occupied by the first department where I came from.

Since I work in an institution that has been living for almost 400 years, the interiors of our place resembles the old and traditional ways. The Administration Building where we are housed is recognized as one of the oldest structures in the entire Manila. The office where I stay everyday was existing since 1620. The facade of our building only undergoes maintenance and restoration. By management directive, renovations at the workplace are only allowed within the premises of the offices.

I once made a post of my dream workstation makeover. I really wanted a place that carries the contemporary and ergonomic design. But then, budget constraints and like a typical department, we have to prove enough to the management that we needed a major renovation.        

Just to show you around, here are some pictures from the place that serves as my second home

Our office counter is occupied by this plant whose name I don't even bothered to know. My boss has fetish for keeping indoor plants, which sometimes causes me some panic attacks. I have nothing against plants, let me clarify that. I just feel worried of the insects that the stagnant water can accommodate. After a friend / colleague died from Dengue, I freaked out whenever I get any form of insect bite. By the way, this reminds me that I now occupy the space that my deceased colleague left.

A few steps from our office counter is my space 
Though we have a lot of antique treasures at the work place, the management fortunately doesn't allow us to use vintage computers.:D If we can't be blessed with renovation, my only wish for my table to be replaced. As you can see, the wooden edges of my drawers are nearing to dilapidation. 

We are usually discouraged to place personal items in our space. So most of the time, the tons of monochromatic paper occupy my table. My table only receives life and color when these items come
Yes I know, we shouldn't be eating from my table. But when life gets too much busy, I don't have a choice but to bring them in my space. They form those little things that keep my bulging belly happy.

From my right, this is the view that keeps me company during the entire year

An improvised bulletin board and papers posted by the boss! For some they call it the pressure reminder board. Fortunately, my boss is not that type.Speaking of my boss, the space you can from the left serves as his own niche. He may not see what I'm up to my computer (to my relief haha) but he can always observe my expressions and movements from his place.

On the next days, I'll blog about my soon-to-be major accomplishment and some things that keep me happy over the past days.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!