Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beautiful Sunday # 17 - Taking things easy

Busy! Busy! Busy! I was too occupied with work over the past week. Office work has been manageable. I'm rather overwhelmed with the teaching tasks. I have to check papers, submit midterm grades and assist my thesis writing college kids. In the middle of the work week, my freelance client went in perfect timing. She asked me to accomplish something ASAP. In effect, I was left with less than 5 hours of sleep for four days. Aside from the bulk of workload, I was bothered by my own share of grown up problems. As much as I wanted to remain very kid at heart, life will really create a way to make me switch to maturity mode. If it is not too much to ask, may I request my dear blog friends to please pray for me. I wanted to survive this trying stage of my life.

Setting aside that side of my life, let me share the shallow things that connived to make me realize that my life is still beautiful.
BBB! - Blue Blouse from Bayo
You know how much I love color blue! All the girly stuff that comes in color blue never fails to become heaven in my eyes. I bought this blouse from Bayo a month ago and totally forgot about it. Friday came and I was so undecided of what to wear. I found this hidden in my closet rack and voila, happiness in blue!

After Friday work, I wasn't in the mood of going home. While my friends are busy with their respective lives, I found myself going to SM Megamall and treated myself to this current addiction
Red Velvet Cookies
Red Velvet cookies from Sophie's Mom is one of the best cookies I've ever tasted. Soft cookies filled with cream cheese and enough bits of chocolates are the best stress busters. My wish is that Sophie's Mom will also open branches in Manila or Quezon City so I don't have to cross two cities to experience this heavenly goodie.

Saturday came and I have to get up early to meet my new Financial Advisor. I will share details about this endeavor when things in my life started to stabilize again. Afternoon came and I have to cross another city to visit my students' business venture.

I've been teaching Business Plan Writing subjects for the past years. But it was only during this school year when I was entrusted with the role of being a Business Plan Adviser. The idea of the business didn't come from me. My four boys were responsible for everything and I have to commend them for working hard since day 1 of writing the paper. These college kids are more than half way of their Business Plan course, since they are already implementing what they have written. Hooray! In case any of my local blog readers will encounter my kids' business site, please! Please! SUPPORT :D

Amidst the stresses and worries, my friend Anne came to the rescue. Two text messages and I suddenly found a companion to burst out everything. Anne has been my closest friend lately. She equally knows what makes me sad and happy. Hence, she showed up with this

More Jane Green for me!!! What's best about these books is they are bargain finds from Books for Less. Thank you Anne.

Anne and I tried to rediscover Araneta Center in Cubao. We decided to finally visit the Marikina Shoe Expo. I was surprised to discover that the area has a number of antique shops. I wanted to take photos to every store but some owners implement strict policies, which I respect. However, I was able to take advantage of one shop whose owner is found nowhere. I was able to take a photo of the shabby chic facade of his / her shop *insert evil laugh here*

The picture would have been perfect if not because of the glass window's reflection. Here's a closer look of the vintage items. Hopefully, everyone could see it

The shop reminded me of my bloggy friend, Betsy. Hi Betsy! Hope you'll be able to see this. 

The beautiful things is just starting to overflow because Anne and I found ourselves relaxing in the elegant and vintage interiors of The Old Spaghetti House

over a great meal
Sampler Appetizers
Onion rings, calamares (breaded fried squid) and buffalo wings, while I was ranting over my complicated life. For the main course, I chose a healthier alternative

Tuna Pesto!
This pesto became the casualty of my stressful life and hungry belly.

It has been a long week for me. My only consolation is that I have an extended break until Tuesday. Hopefully, I'll feel better and productive over the next days.

Thank you for dropping by. Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!


  1. Hi Diane!!!

    Praying for you <3. I know that you will be able to sail these rough waters. Just hang in there and keep on going... the calm sea is awaiting.. just a little bit farther. YAY for friends who really know you... :) looks like she knew exactly what books would make the skies clear a little bit! :) Have a beautiful day, Diane!!


    p.s. maybe I will do this post today too :)

  2. hm.. somehow I posted my "beautiful sunday" link to last week's beautiful sunday post... oops!!! here it is again on the right post

  3. Your blouse is SO PRETTY! The antique store and the old typewriter...I still remember those and how my parents used those in their office years ago. You are lucky to have good people around you. And know that even miles away I am cheering for you.

  4. It seems like you are having fun, innit?

    Best of luck for everything, and sure gonna pray for you.

  5. You can do it, Diane! So glad you have a close friend whom you can relate all you're going through. Looks like you had lots of fun in spite of everything. Your blue blouse is cute and I love calamari.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Diane! Go back! You should have gone to Bellini's at Marikina Shoe Expo instead of TOSH! :) The food at Bellini's is great, too bad hubby hates going to Marikina Shoe Expo because of parking problems.

    1. Sayang nga eh.. d kasi risk taker sa food un friend ko kaya yun, settle kme sa TOSH.. next time, dun na tlaga

  7. First you make me hungry with all the yummy food and then you tease me with a fabulous window display full of vintage typewriters and other goodies. I love it! Thanks so much for thinking of me Diane.
    I'm glad that you have your close friend Anne to be there for you. I'll be keeping you in my prayers Diane.

  8. So glad you have such a wonderful friend, and an equally great team. Love that cute blue blouse!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments about our granddaughters!


  9. Diane I love your blouse! :) and your food photos made my mouth water. Anyway, I'll pray whatever it is that you survive. I have faith though that you will. Such a strong and independent girl you are!

  10. Are those in Cubao X? I love that place. :)


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