No, not the restaurant. haha  Honestly, I love their own line up of unhealthy food. However, when we talk about their prices, I begin to dislike the place. They have the record of emptying my wallet the fastest way ever.

Friday is my favorite day of the week. My friends who are also corporate slaves can surely relate. Let me enumerate my own reasons why Friday never fails to make me the happiest

1. It's my last day at work - Wooohoo! Friday signals that it will soon be rest day. I can sleep late without thinking about the next day. Friday leads the two days when I don't need to wake up with my mobile phone's alarm clock and hit the snooze button to beg for another 5 minutes.

2. I don't have to wear my office uniform - Friday gives me the freedom to wear my favorite skinny jeans, flats and comfy cotton tops. I dress up the way I want every Friday. However, this uniformless day sometimes causes me trouble. During my PMS days, I feel fat, ugly and grouchy. Hence, it will take me like three attempts to finally settle with the perfect outfit-mood match.

Vertical lines to hide my bulging belly

3. I can go malling and window shopping (Really?) - A stressful week and a payday Friday form my self-inflicted lethal combo. If only I can move paydays during the work week, I would have done it a long time ago. Stress and money will make me the next Rebecca Bloomwood. I usually leave the office earlier during Fridays. Earlier means having more time to withdraw my hard earned pay and later walk around the mall. Malling that later translates to seeing a nice pair of shoes or blouse and you know what comes next? Goodbye payday!
 4. More time to read -  On those Fridays when I'm broke and unhappy, I end up getting a long bath and rummaging my closet for my favorite pajama and cotton shirt. I check my iPad for the unread e-books.
5. Meet ups with my friends - I have been going out with Anne more often over the past months. We have been regular patrons of Chicken Bon Chon and Dezato's Mochi Balls. Though eating out doesn't contribute to my objective of financial independence, I would like to believe that eating is cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes. After eating, Anne and I have been engaging more time in bookstores in search for great reads. A confession to make;  ever since we started to own devices that are capable of providing that e-book experience, Anne and I found ourselves looking for the bookstore's best sellers and saving their titles for downloading.
6.Friday is a foodie cheat day - I love treating myself to my favorite unhealthy meals during Fridays. When Anne and my other friends are not available on Fridays, I go out on my own. I explore new restaurants that my meager excess income can afford. When I feel lazy and sleepy, I simply drop by the grocery to purchase a box of nachos, ground beef, cheese, and fresh potatoes for the weekends. If budget is really tight, I settle to this classic Filipino sinful  food
My non-Filipino blog friends will not love this heaven of crunchiness and oiliness. If you are familiar with Chicharon (fried pork skin), then this sinfulness is not a stranger for you. 

So now you know why my favorite chant for Monday is FRIDAY! FRIDAY! :D