My previous post is something I wouldn't want to blog on a regular basis. I really pray that I would never again write an almost near-to-death experience. At some point, I know that I needed to be awakened. Despite of everything, I'm keeping my faith and trust with the Lord. To my blog friends and readers who sent heart warming messages, thank you very much.
On the lighter side, allow me to share pictures from the event I recently attended. Remember my post about pain and vanity? I mentioned that I need to attend a rare event that requires me to dress up. I was actually referring to the recent wedding of a colleague and friend.

I showed some pictures of her wedding in this Beautiful Sunday series post. The two pictures were not enough to showcase all the happiness on that day. Allow me to share more pictures from her day.

The wedding ceremonies was held at the historic San Agustin Church in Intramuros, Manila. The church has been existing for hundreds of years. It has survived a number of wars and natural calamities. The architecture and the paintings on the ceilings perfectly define the words, work of art.

My friend chose violet as her color motiff so that explains our dress, venue, flowers and all the details.
To be honest, violet is not one of my favorite colors. My skin just don't complement this dark shade. But since it's my friend's day, who am I to complain? ;-)  On the left with the huge face is yours truly :-)

This has to be my favorite shot at the reception
I made the photo look more ridiculous. I hid some faces because I'm not personally close with the other girls and I haven't asked their permission for this post.

At the end of the day though, all I can see are faces of love, beauty and happiness.

Hope you enjoyed my short and quick post.

Happy Wednesday!