It's been a while since I made a food post or reviewed a restaurant. I can't even recall last time I visited a new restaurant and blogged about it. As always, my overused excuse is the bulk of workload over the past months. Though I have my usual food trip and stress eating over the past months, such wouldn't qualify as a decent post. You will surely get bored looking at my Coke upsizes, potato chips, chicken wings and Taco Bell indulgences.

Good thing this Sunday came. After joining the annual Our Lady of La Naval procession, I was able to try a new restaurant with my ever adventurous friends at the workplace. Tinee and Tara brought me to Tomas Morato to try this unique Japanese restaurant. The restaurant where we spent hours of eating and exchanging stories is

So what does Sango offers?

It tags itself as the Japanese Burger Master and a look at its menu will prove that it is indeed
Burger overload! You will be overwhelmed with chicken, beef and fish burgers. 

The black font indicates the prizes for the regular size while the red is obviously intended for those with greater burger appetite.

Being a burger addict, I tried their specialty and best seller
 I finally met the real Master Burger himself!

The Sango Master Burger is oozing with beef patty, special burger sauce, onion, tomato and cheese. This is what I call my own  heaven of sinful happiness.

On the side, I ordered the master's perfect match
Another sinful favorite! Huge cut fries with Heinz tomato ketchup is love, love love!

The perfect way to end a great burger meal
Bottomless Ice cold Pepsi!

My friend ordered a healthier yet carbo loaded meal

Partnered with a relatively healthier drink

Vanilla and Green tea shake

Japanese restaurants are known to have simple, minimalistic and clutter free interiors. Sango burgers remained true to this traditional Japanese architecture, except for these cute paper decors.

A closer look at the tiny colorful papers would reveal the classic Japanese origami

Who doesn't appreciate these intricate artworks?

The more challenging one
The flowers don't look like origami works from afar.

If I will rate the restaurant, I'll give 4 out of 5 stars. I haven't tasted their entire line up of burgers but their specialty of the house impressed me well. The full beef patty with the unique and tasty Japanese sauce captured my ever hungry taste buds. Prices are fairly reasonable considering the taste and the size of the burgers. On the weak side, they have limited branches as of the moment. If I'm not mistaken, they only operate around two to three branches. Their space in Tomas Morato, where we dine in, was quite small but very clean and organized. As I have said, it's very Japanese.

For those who love burgers, I highly recommend Sango. It's another unique burger experience to try.

For more information about Sango, visit their website here