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In my attempt to fulfill all the tasks that kept me occupied over the past months, it's only now that I can see all the things that I've been missing out. These are the little yet important things that I unconsciously allowed to forget and sacrifice. Allow me to mention them here

1. Friends - When I had the need to report for work for 12 hours, I lost time with my commuting buddies. I miss those days when I have someone to exchange stories and gossips, while walking and waiting for the jeepney bound to the train station. For me, those rare talks with my friends are very valuable. It's the only time when I can finally unmask myself, rant away and later laugh about my complaints in life. While I have Friday that is free from teaching, I always end up feeling dead tired and sleepy on the last working day. In effect, I found myself rushing home for my much needed sleep. During weekends, I also avoided meeting Anne because I have to rush lectures and check tons of papers.

2. Cleaning my room - Thank God, mother is always there to save the day. Home became a workplace extension. After work, I check my email and prepare what needs to be undertaken for my classes on the succeeding day. When all the work is finally done by 1 to 2 am, I prepare my things and hit the bed for my much needed sleep. During weekends, all I did is to sleep and continue the work. I never found time to personally check and organize my things. 

3. Healthy Meals - I leave for work late and have to spent hours for commuting.  At the end of the day, all I wanted was a great and sumptuous meal. To console my stressed self, unhealthy fast food meals in Taco Bell became my "hell heavenly" blessing. Large cup of soda and cheese sauce for my nachos, I've been accumulating a lot of bad cholesterol. I miss those days when I can reach home early and I can still savor a great home cooked meal.  

4. Sunday Masses - Unfortunately, my spiritual life also suffered. As I have mentioned, I treated weekends as way to recover sleeping hours. Every weekend, I felt lazier to get up and head my way to my much needed Sunday masses.

5. Beauty Regimen - I haven't gotten a haircut and much needed hair spa over the past months. In effect, I've been carrying this thick, unruly and messy hair. Tidying up my eye brows, taking my Vitamin E, moisturizing my skin became alien to me over the past weeks.

6. Movies and books - Movies form part of my self treats. The little money left after every payday is sometimes devoted for movie dates with Anne. Again, time for movie dates was something I never found to squeeze in over the past months. As with books, I ended up just accumulating them. I purchase and download e-books and later allow them to sleep in their shelves.

7. Blogging - My posts for September and October can attest to this. My life has been full of work so I found nothing interesting to blog.

8. Jogging - Aside from feeling dreaded everyday, I felt heavier and heavier over the past weeks. The unhealthy meals and irregular sleeping hours are the culprits for this. As much as I wanted to exercise, I feel that my body needs more sleep and rest above anything else. As a result, I have a feeling that I gained another 5 lbs in a span of a month.

Hopefully, I will be able to catch up with my needed work-life balance. Next semester will be so much different because my teaching assignment will be lessened. As much as I welcome the additional pay, I believe that maintaining the work-life balance is still better. Never mind the additional money if it means building the unhealthy lifestyle that I have to pay as I age. I should bear in mind that I work to live and not the other way around.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. The last game of the championship for our school will be tomorrow. Yay! Hopefully, we'll be able to bring home that championship ring. Send us all the luck and prayers :D