After so many months, finally! I finished a book and I'm blogging for a review. When I checked my old posts, the last time I wrote a book review was August. It was also on the same month when I purchased this book.

Everything has been long overdue. When December comes, hopefully I'll finish more books and blog about it. I have more reads from Jane Green and I'm excited to read and write about it. Hopefully!

Postcards from the Heart is the debut novel of Ella Griffin. Initially, I thought she was related to Emily Giffin. It took me some time to figure out that she was GRIffin and Emily was GIffin. LOL Nevertheless, I can attest that they are both great authors.

The story evolved on two couples who are friends, Saffy and Greg with Jess and Conor. Saffy is your typical successful working professional. She has her dream job and an equally handsome and hunk actor boyfriend, Greg. Conor, a teacher and a struggling writer, loves everything about Jess. Despite seven years of relationship and having the twins, Lizzie and Luke, Jess just can't marry Conor.

Initially, I thought that the entire book will simply relate the struggles and challenges to that one great ending of the four characters. Surprisingly, the book caught so many issues about work, friendship and family life. This is one aspect of Griffin's writing I appreciate. People would always claim that when you found the one, things will suddenly fall to its right place. Apparently, real life works in the opposite. You found the one? You may find yourself in bliss but at the end of the day, you still have other issues in life.

Saffy's character perfectly exemplified the side of reality that we always have to face. Handsome boyfriend, dream job, but she has been battling issues with her mom and the father she has longed to meet. Perfect boyfriend with Greg? Unfortunately, Greg is blinded with his dream of making it to Hollywood.

Jess found the perfect partner with Conor but she just couldn't say yes. Adding to it the fact that Conor and Jess are financially challenged with the twins. Conor is a struggling writer trapped as a dedicated teacher. As much as he wants to be a writer, the dream just won't pay the bills at home. In addition to this, those who are working know that at some point, there will always be people who will drag you to mess up.

The book carried out a lot of themes from love, friendship, betrayal, unfaithfulness, to which everyone can relate. In one way or another, each of us have experienced the struggle of the characters. Call me a pessimist but another point I love about the story, it's how Griffin made me see that everyone is perfectly imperfect and we are capable of messing up, at least once in our lifetime.

While the entire story relates about struggles, I noticed that the title of the book doesn't seem to fit as I was reading the initial chapters. Who was sending the postcards in the first place? The answer lies on the last chapters, which gave me my much appreciated unexpected endings. For those who have been reading my previous book reviews, you know how much I appreciate authors who are able to craft unexpected endings.

If I will rate Ella Griffin's book, I'll give it 4 out of 5 stars. The book gave me my much needed light read. It never gave me lessons and all those quotable quotes. However, some realizations about work, relationships, family and life are more than enough to make me love Griffin's first novel.