I was browsing my posts over the past months while typing this. I wanted to highlight both the good and bad times that shaped my 2012. Just to warn you, this will surely be a long, selfish and boring post.

I started 2012 with high hopes. For those of you who can remember, I made a milestone in my career in December 2011. I made my first international research presentation in a prestigious university in Taiwan. When I went back to work for January, I felt energized and inspired for my career. Unfortunately, the high hopes just faded away. 

I decided to divert my attention to other meaningful things. It was at this point when the idea of traveling dawned to me.

The second month of the year was the shortest, but was ironically the busiest for me. I was rushing some works because of our annual retreat in Caleruega. I blogged about Caleruega many times and I guess this is a shouting evidence that it is one of my favorite places in the world.

I had a whirlwind affair with March. I received one of the tragic news in my life on March 2012. My dearest friend went ahead to heaven. Anna's death was very unexpected and it took me some time to realize and accept that she went ahead too soon. 

I believe that my second trip abroad intentionally landed days after we laid Anna to her resting place. God wanted to give me a real break. Thanks to the promo fares, I was able to reach my second and third countries in my list. I went to Hong Kong and Macau with a few workplace friends. I enjoyed both places and if given the chance, I would love to see the two territories again. Hong Kong Disneyland, The Venetian Hotel, and even The Hong Kong International Airport form the best places I've been in 2012.

April marked the started of the summer season in the Philippines. Thanks to our workplace benefit, I was able to reach one of the acclaimed tourist destinations in my dear country. I was able to finally set foot in Boracay.

May came and I was reminded that in a few more weeks, I'm back to teaching again. What's best about May? I started my Beautiful Sunday series in this month and I was able to visit a posh hotel with my friends. Speaking of friends, May 2012 was the first time I met my two of my blog friends. Hi Janelle and Kelly!

While I was happy for my additional teaching job, a few events made my June more colorful. These include my attempt to rekindle my interest in arts and crafts and our school's successful attempt in hosting the 88th season of our country's oldest athletic league.

July was a period of adjustment with my new class schedule. I would like to believe that I'm used to teaching but not during lunch breaks. It was a struggle to wake up 40+ college kids in a sleepy afternoon. As for my office job, I was happy because my major project for the past 2 years was about to end.

Aside from this accomplishment, I made an impulse decision on July too.

I booked a trip to the fourth country I'll be visiting. Though my friends and I have our own financial struggles, I'm praying that the heavens will connive for us.

August 2012 challenged my country to survive another typhoon? Half of our country was devastated by excessive flooding, which was ironically caused by mere monsoon rains. After recovering from the storm, I faced a major challenge in my teaching career. I adopted two more classes after a colleague caught an unexpected disease.

September! The excitement for the last month of the year heightens whenever this month begins. Despite the excitement, I made the least number of posts this month. The additional teaching job was the culprit ;)  One surprise though caught me in September. It was my first time to become a part of a bridal entourage. One of my colleagues tied the knot and I'm honored to be a witness to this milestone

Did I just say that I made the least number of posts for September? I guess this little accomplishment can compensate

I revived my interest in arts and crafts by starting my first "grown up" scrapbook. Thank you Ricki for hosting the scrapbook party.

October came and I was getting more giddy for December. Before the Christmas excitement, the entire workplace became excited for this

Unfortunately, our school failed to take home the most coveted basketball crown and there were other sad events that transpired. Despite all those sad and bitter stories, my support will remain for our school.

For my family, November starts with a mini-reunion... of all places, in the cemetery for All Souls Day.

I guess the real highlight of my November and all the book reviews I made is this

For December, let the pictures speak for themselves
The Kid at Heart turned younger!
Party! Party!

First Christmas Party with my Teaching Family

And I just don't know how to end this post LOL

I guess the highlight of my 2012 concentrated on the travel opportunities I made. My career and other aspects of my life remained the same as with the previous years. No drastic changes, everything was all about stability. I may not sound as the happiest, but my heart is thankful for every blessing I received. Not everyone is given the chance to travel and when I was starting to work, I remember telling myself that I will reach another country before I turn 30. It was a wish that I never thought would happen.

I also had my own share of sad and challenging times in 2012. I may not blog all of them but the fact that I'm typing this post, I would like to believe that I have survived everything.

As 2013 is about to enter, a challenge already awaits me for the next three years. It's a consequence I have planted by myself and it served like my own bitter pill. To be honest, this is something I never wanted to happen in my life. If I have foreseen this years ago, I wouldn't allow it to happen in any way. But past will remain as past. The best that I can do is to face whatever life will offer me. With God's grace, strength and enough faith, I hope to surpass this great test.

Thank you 2012!