Hello everyone! Happy 2013!!!

New Year's Eve is over in my country and so as the first day of the year. The holidays are over and everyone is expected to report back for work tomorrow. In my case, I still have a week to savor. This is the rare benefit I receive because I work in a school. But then again, part of my vacay is doing work. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I'm up for some freelance works and I'm very thankful for it. Upon checking my bag, I also found some exams and quizzes for checking. Looks like I have forgotten my other life during the holiday break.

Before I finally return to reality, I started the day by having a great lunch with my paternal family. We used to have a mini-reunion when my Grandma was still alive. Years later, we had our own way of spending the first day of the year. But this morning, I was happy because my Auntie texted my Nanay. They want us to have lunch with them today. I was so happy to revive an old family tradition.

After our sumptuous lunch, we went home and everyone was asleep. As for myself, I had a movie marathon. One of the movies I enjoyed is the movie adaptation of Something Borrowed.

The movie didn't receive positive reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. However, my hopeless romantic hormones was tickled and as a result, I'm now typing this post haha

Here are some reasons why I love the movie

1. I can relate to Rachel
Rachel turned 30 (in a few more years, I'll reach that age too), loveless (I mean single haha), and sometimes oftentimes is abused by her bestfriend.

2. It featured my favorite places in Manhattan.... that remains to my list of dream places to see

Rachel's apartment in the elegant streets of Manhattan 
 Shake Shack!!!
I love hamburgers and french fries!! Aside from visiting the beautiful places in US, I have to taste Gray's Papaya and Shake Shack... someday. 

The Madison Square Park

I'm not sure if this is still in the same park, but I felt the need to post this picture.
To those who have read the book, you might be familiar with the lady on the right. She's no other than Emily Giffin. The author making a cameo appearance with a paperback copy of the book.

3. The story emphasized the priceless happiness of having friends
Though I hate Darcy's (Kate Hudson) character here.  I hated her for abusing Rachel and emphasizing that she's always better. I hated her the most when she told Rachel, "You're thirty and you cannot afford to be choosy."  I'm overreacting and I know it. Haha

The movie reminded me that we need to have a friend like Ethan. He is the friend who can slap us with the harshest words.

My favorite conversations of Rachel and Ethan

Rachel: You're an asshole
Ethan: I'm the only asshole who gives a shit about you.

Rachel: I mess up in my 20s
Ethan: No, you just grew up

4. It made me believe in finding that one true love
Cheesiness overload! haha

P.S. I haven't read the book. But I'm sure it is a lot better including its sequel, Something Blue.

Disclaimer: All photos used in this post are not owned by the author.