Some weeks ago, my friends and I braved the crowded streets of Binondo Manila for our annual Chinese New Year tradition. For those who have read my previous posts about Binondo, you are more or less familiar with the Philippines' own Chinatown. Here are some pictures of Binondo's festivties

Since it's the year of the snake, 
 Snake balloons are scattered everywhere

While waiting for my friends who crowded the famous Eng Bee Tin store, I caught a dragon dance along the street.
Too bad because I failed to take a shot of the dragon's head. There were so many people around me that I can't even take a decent photo.

Weeks before the Chinese New Year, the entire street is full of vendors selling variety of lucky charms

From plastic gold items to fruits and vegetables
I never bothered to ask the relevance of each. 

The main reason why we visited Binondo is for these
 Shanghai Fried Rice

 Buttered Chicken

 Fried Spare Ribs

I failed to take photos of our other orders but it was another night of oily but happy overload :)

To redeem my glutton self, we had a long walk on the way to the jeepney station
Till the next Chinese New Year :)