This is the second installment of my Singapore adventure. This time, I'm sharing my experience at Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

The best way to reach the theme park is through the train or MRT. Cheaper and faster than renting a expensive taxi cab. USS is found within the Sentosa hub. Hence, after a day in the USS, you can take advantage of the other tourist attractions in Sentosa.

It was a Sunday when we visited the USS. I know, bad decision. However, we don't have a choice since some of my companions are leaving on the same date. We anticipated this problem so we booked our ticket in advance. We purchased tickets online and it was a decision I will never regret. Let me detail why it's best to buy tickets online.

If you are a Master Card holder, you can avail of their discounted advanced booking. In addition to this, the advanced tickets come with a free meal voucher. I just don't know if this promotional offer is still available. When you purchase tickets online, USS will send you a confirmation email with the ticket's barcode. This will serve as your entry pass. The attendant will simply scan the ticket's bar code and that's it. No need to present your credit card, confirmation receipt and line up for verification.

We arrived in USS late. Hence, we were not able to watch the welcome presentation of the USS characters that starts at 10 am. So if you want to really maximize your USS adventure, I suggest that you arrive before the opening time. The Sentosa Monorail, which serves as the access to USS, tends to get crowded during the park's operating hours. Hence, arriving early can prevent you from this inconvenience. 

A Day in USS will never be complete without a photo with this famous globe

Tip: A lot of guests are crowding in this area to have their photo taken. Not all people realize that the other side of the globe has more space and lesser distractions. Haha

As you walk inside the theme park, you will be welcomed with a long street shielded by a fiber glass roof. Don't get fooled by this because the entire area is an open space. Prepare to experience the the scorching heat of the sun.

This is the first ride we tried.

One thing I noticed about USS is that each ride ends to a link in their gift and souvenir shop. Strategic?

This is the area where the afternoon parade happens. If you are looking forward for the parade, be sure to get a seat here.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon parade

The Cast of Madagascar
Jurassic Park

The Mummy

Caution: Be careful with this monster if you will be visiting the USS too. I won't tell you why.  Hihihi
 He is almost everywhere

We weren't able to try all the rides :( If you can afford the additional VIP pass, I would suggest to have it. However, if you prefer to avail of a few rides then proper scheduling can work for you.
One of the adventure rides we availed is the Transformers. Since it was a Sunday we anticipated the long line. True enough, we waited for more than an hour to finally experience the ride. 

Despite the long wait, we were treated with interesting items from the movie.

Not all rides in USS allow the use of camera. In the case of the Transformers, you can only take photos while waiting in line. 

This is not another ride adventure. The place is just ideal for picture taking. Haha

I love the bricks, cobblestone and for those who have watched Cedie and Princess Sara, you know what I mean. The place resembles the setting of the two cartoons. 

From the kingdom of Shrek

It was a long day at USS. We ended up shopping and being mesmerized by this
 Candy Crush!