Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's Month

On the way home, I saw a sea of rallyists near the jeepney station. Honestly, I felt a bit irritated because their presence would mean some sacrifice for me. Traffic worsened, my 15-minute ride to the train station will most likely triple, and the end result, I would come home late.

I ignored the expected hassles and I was able to reach home safe and still early. I logged in my Facebook account and discovered a number of status messages greeting their female friends as Happy Women's Day. Now I know what's the cause of the huge rally. The organization who led the rally is a leftist female group.

In my attempt to find meaning amidst the over-flooding of status updates, I found this simple yet inspirational video from Vimeo.

Get the girls out from Lynsey Ann Dyer on Vimeo.

Sending all the positive vibes and happiness to all the women out there. Happy Women's Month


  1. Waaah! Couldn't view the vimeo. Happy weekend anyhoo!


  2. Glad you got home safe, Diane, and Happy Women's Day to you. Unfortunately I couldn't the video.
    have a wonderful weekend!

  3. i guess it was worth it be get home late for one day.. :)

  4. Ahhh! If only I could ski/snowboard like those girls. LOVE it. I spend most of my time actually ON the snow. ;) Happy Woman's Month to you!


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