A few days ago, I posted this photo in Instagram
I guess this is just an aftermath of my Singapore trip. The items you see here are souvenirs from generous friends, who were fortunate enough to see my dream destinations. Whenever I come home from a new country, I always have this recurring realization, where will be my next destination? Afterwards, reality will hit and tell me,

You don't even know if there will still be next time. You don't even know whether you have enough funds to finance your next trip. You still have a savings account to rebuild and tons of bills to pay.

Whatevs! Truth is, that is the truth! Haha

Before I started all my travel adventures, I never imagined that I will be able to reach other countries. I came from an economically struggling family. It was only my Father who works for the family. As much as my Mother wanted to work, she has to take care of my brother who has special needs. Any form of traveling, even local places, was never a priority in my family. The farthest destination I reached then was provinces in Luzon such as Tagaytay and Batangas. I often get tired of hearing my Mother's litany that Father's earnings are limited to the family's expenses and my studies. I don't blame my Mother but in one way or another, her words conditioned me that I will never reach a place farther than my country.

When I started working, my goal was to finish my masteral studies, support the family and establish the much coveted fat savings account. I felt contented on the ocassional out-of-town getaway with some friends. But when this opportunity in Taiwan came, I guess it fueled my belief and hunger to travel. If I made it once, why can I not make it twice, thrice and a lifetime? So there, after my successful research presentation in Taiwan, I started to explore my neighboring Asian countries. I went to Hong Kong, Macau and recently, Singapore.

I don't know where and when will be my next travel adventure. At this point, I'm left wishing, hoping and praying that there will be more.