I just came back from my four-day vacay. I'm back, fatter and darker!!! Blame the great food the scorching heat of the sun that got me toasted and roasted. I'm excited to blog my entire experience, but I'm saving everything for that one great post. I have to resize the photos and unpack the tons of laundry I brought home.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from my Instagram account. These can summarize my entire experience.

 It was my first time to ride the turbo or the propeller plane :)
My friends call this as the "bulilit" plane haha

After the short plane ride, we were transported to our home for the past four days. 

My everyday view and the only means to reach our place 

I slept and woke up with this view over the past four days.

Before we headed home, we dropped by this newly opened hotel and resort

We were treated by our sponsors with another great meal. 

Can you guess where have I been?;)