I mentioned in my previous post that I was frustrated with my failed attempts to give my blog a new look. I ended up ruining everything. I have the best intentions but the worst IT skills. I gave up and admitted that I needed someone to dress up my page. I discovered someone who accepts personalized blogging design services. I can afford the services but not the means of payment. I don't have a loaded paypal account. Though my credit card is linked with my account, sending money using my credit line does not sound like a good idea. It would cost me more. I tried Western Union and Moneygram only to discover the equally expensive service fees. Despite the expensive costs, I admit that I almost took the bait out of frustration.

I blogged about my sentiments and good thing, Duni suggested Etsy. At first, I thought that Etsy only caters to the tangible and handmade goods. To my surprise, I discovered a niche of talented graphic artists. I searched for blog designs and I was brought to a heaven of beautiful blogger templates. I kept my choices and narrowed down to around three sellers. I sought the opinion of my friend T in choosing the template that best describes my personality. She told me that this template appears to be the nearest to my identity. Though to be honest, blue is actually my favorite color. Haha I don't even have a shirt in pink or peach in my closet. I love floral designs but I don't wear them. The most that I can do is to carry floral printed bags like that of Cath Kidston. But how come I ended up with these color schemes? I may not admit it, but deep inside, I guess my female hormones dictate that I should appreciate these feminine colors. Setting aside my identity crisis (haha) I guess I appreciate the light and refreshing combinations of peach, pink, and white.

The person who took away my frustration is Melissa Stubbings from down south Australia. She is the Etsy crafter of this template. Melissa is also a blogger, you can refer to her blog here. You can view her templates and other products in Etsy here

It was my first time to purchase anything in Etsy. Melissa made my first experience a positive one. I bought the template, paid it using my paypal account and emailed my preferences. She finished everything in less than 48 hours. She almost beat the record of 24-hour service delivery, considering that I gave additional instructions even though the design was already preset. Unlike other Etsy sellers, Melissa didn't charge me with installation and customization fees. She was very accommodating and immediately answered my queries. Aftersale services is 5 out of 5 stars. I'm highly recommending Melissa for your blog design makeover.

My blog makeover attempt is now mission accomplished. There's only one thing I worry about...When my credit card bill arrives, I hope paypal will not surprise me with humongous transaction fees. 

P.S. Thanks again Duni! Oh I almost forgot, let's make Duni happy by heading to her Etsy shop. You might end up making your first Etsy purchase too :)