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Attached or single?
Shy single, hahaha

T from the workplace, Anne and Ana from my High School days

Cake or pie?
Screaming CAKE! I particularly love Banapple's Banoffee (Wait, is this a cake? Haha), Conti's Mango Bravo, Sans Rival from Cafe Lidia 
Recently, my addiction extends to Nutella Cupcakes from Sophie's Mom, Oreo Cupcake of  J's Cupcake and Milk Chocolate from Frostings  

Day of Choice
Friday and weekends
Friday because it signals the last working day and I can finally break free from my dull office uniform
Weekends because I can spend time with my family, mall dates with Anne and practice my favorite hobby zzzzzzz

Favorite Colors
Forever BLUE!
Half of the things I own are all in color blue, though my blog design doesn't reflect haha

Gummy Bears or Worms?
Gummy Bears!!!
I love bears and I used to dream of having an extensive bear collection

Marikina but most of the time I stay in Manila because of work

Flat shoes, Clothes, Books and Food!!!
January or July?
January because it signals the start of another year. I'm refreshed from a long holiday break and looking forward to another year.


Life isn't complete without
my family and friends

Marriage Date
Coming? Unknown!!! bwahahaha  

Number of brothers and sisters
1 special brother who never fails to inspire me

Orange or apple


To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did

Reasons to smile
work accomplished, Family, friends

Season of choice
Spring and I hope to experience it in another country. Hopefully in South Korea or Japan
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Unknown fact about me
It used to be that all of my clothes are in color blue. When I started working I gradually bought some pieces in beige, black, white, still neutral and safe colors

I'm trying to convince myself that I'm moving away from blue. In fact, my button down blouses can prove that I already gave up my love for blue haha 

String beans, lettuce, cabbage

Worst Habitsss
Stress shopping, stress eating, sleeping for more than 10 hours  

Xray or ultrasound
Xray? Haven't gone into ultrasound yet

Your favorite food?
A loooot! Usually, cakes, potato dishes, pasta, pizza

Zodiac Sign

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