In my country, summer is already over. The rainy season is beginning to be felt here. There's always the regular afternoon rains. The temperature lowers and as my friends would always say, this is the perfect bed weather. :) The best sleep happens when the cold temperature is beginning to settle in my always summer country.

Next week, I'm back to teaching again. Hooray! Thank God for the additional teaching assignment. I'm looking forward to another semester.

This will be last week when I'm free from teaching related tasks. Hence, let me recall a few of the beautiful things that made my final summer week.


It's a happy blue day! ;) I've forgotten about my classic Chuck Taylor for years. On the last week when we are allowed to wear our own clothes, I wore one of my most comfortable shoes. For some reason, I feel younger when I'm wearing my pair of Chuck's.  


Addicted to this! I already blogged about this but since it has become a new favorite, this deserves a space in my Beautiful Sunday series. Cheap cream puffs by Monde at Php 10.95. Perfect for my hunger attacks at the workplace.


A new sport to love! On my first attempt, look at my pathetic scoreboard haha

 The best thing that made my week!

I knew for a fact that I'm not the best teacher in the eyes of my students. Despite teaching for a number of years, I'm still struggling and finding ways to improve the way I deliver my lectures. At the end of the day, all I wanted is for my students to remember me as the teacher who did her job. Anything more than that, I will consider it as an overflowing blessing. 

I would like to believe that most of my students would remember me for being the serious and quiet teacher. I wasn't blessed with the sense of humor and the talent to motivate. So after a semester, I know that I'm just one of their past teachers. Despite my silent and private personality, I managed to become friends with some of my past students. We would regularly communicate through Facebook and Twitter. One of the few students whom I became friends with is M. Over the years, I discovered that M and I share the love for books. Most of the time, my reads are recommended by M. This week, I was surprised when someone dropped by the office and handed me a pile of books. The lady told me that the books came from M. I was surprised! It was the first time a past student gave me a book without any occasion. Thanks M! This means a lot to me.