If I could give a theme for the past week, that would be it. I was always in the brink of rushing things. Office work was fine except for some surprises, which I can't yet disclose. Otherwise, my big boss might fire me ;) Teaching was the one that demanded more of the my time and energy. Lectures to review and prepare, added to it the pile of papers that is beginning to accumulate. Hopefully, I'll be a better time manager this week. I cannot afford to survive another sleepless week. It's been almost a month since the classes started and by this time, I should already be adjusted.

As always, let's forget about the serious side of my life and focus on the little beautiful things that made my week ;)      

Surprise early morning meeting with my Big Boss and an external partner! Still about work but this made me happy because things are doing great with our office's little and hidden project.

The Big Boss tapped me to join an early morning meeting away from the workplace. It was an unusual route for me and as a result, I was late. Yes, it was a lousy mistake on my part. Despite of this, I was happy because external partner was very cooperative and supportive. Hopefully, the remaining phases of the project will do well.

It's that time of the year again! I'm meeting these tables, which only me and my boss could appreciate ;) Consolidating and preparing planning reports across offices are not the best things to do in any workplace. But I'm actually enjoying doing this. I learn and discover the heads who really work vs. those that pretend to work. hihihi 

Green overload!

I discovered that Nestle Magnolia is offering Pistachio ice cream in their famous drumstick. Flavorful pistachio, nuts over a sugar cone, who can beat that over a hot weekday afterrnoon?

My workplace friend T shared with me her own set of treats. Thanks T! It was my first time to taste Kitkat's green tea variant. My verdict? I loooove it! So to my friends, who will be traveling abroad and feel generous to give me treats, this will do for me ;)

Fattening indulgences! I know and I still keep ranting about my weight gain. But how can you resist these treats after working for 12 hours? I teach at 8:30 am, report for office work at 10 am and end the day with another class from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Don't I deserve a cheat after a long day? ;)

NYFD's huge cut fries with dips (I blogged about it here) and a healthy partner of fresh buko juice. Is this what we call as balanced diet? Haha A dose of junk food and a fresh juice to balance everything.

My current read is another paperback from Jane Green.

I have an e-book version of this book. But I realized that e-book reading is not really for me. The text in my Android phone makes me feel sleepy. If I use the iPad, I ended up distracted with the surge of a fast wifi connection. I still prefer the feel of a real paperback.

These should not be resting on my office table. Our office is engaged in some project that refrains the accumulation of unnecessary items on our tables. Before I finally keep them, I should document their last days of existence and be reminded with this little saying,

May the dream within your heart always guide and inspire you!

Indeed and I needed this reminder.