I used to love movies and drama series that give me the intense outpour of emotions. I have to cry and feel an equal amount of hatred to the villain to become satisfied with a certain story. I guess this was brought by my innate Filipino genes. We love to cry and place ourselves in the shoes of the oppressed protagonist, who will later have her moment of redemption :)

Over time, I would like to believe that I outgrew this sadistic preference. Haha I learned to appreciate the lighter and shallower story line. In particular, my selections exclusively shifted to the segment of romantic comedies. Why the sudden change? As my friend T and I would always say, life is already too serious and taxing. Why should we stress ourselves with movies and drama series that would make us disappointed, angry and revengeful? LOL

The few of who have been reading my posts might remember the past drama series I've finished, Rooftop Prince and My Princess. For this month, this is the newest addition to my Korean favorites.

A Gentleman's Dignity was locally aired a few months ago. But since I always arrive home late, I never had the chance to watch it. I can catch it through Drama Fever, but a fast internet connection is not always available. I instead opted for the DVD copy. After the 20 episodes, I would like to say that it was one of the best DVD purchases I ever made.

I will no longer relate the synopsis of this drama series. Wikipedia provides it already :) I will instead identify the reasons why this drama series is officially included in my growing list of favorites.

1. It featured the best places in South Korea. This in effect heightens my desire to visit the Land of the Morning Calm.
One of places I would love to see is park that witnessed that blissful moment

Other places I would to see is Mango-Six  (the cafe where Jang Don Gun saw Kim Ha Neul) and the entire stretch of the street that featured Bell Amie

2. Kim Ha Neul, the lead and my favorite character, is a teacher! To be more specific, a hopeless romantic teacher who almost defined me. Except that of course Kim Ha Neul is way way way beautiful.

3. The character of Kim Ha Neul was realistically presented. Unlike other local drama series where the protagonist is always beautiful, Kim Ha Neul was presented a real human being. She has her own set of stupid, ugly and haggard moments.

Photos were compiled from Google Images
4. Fine, I admit it. Jang Don Gun is handsome despite being in his 40s!!
Photos were compiled from Google Images

5. Part of the story evolved on shoes!
More than the sexiest pair of strappy heels, it's the significance of this pair that mattered the most.

It happened twice in the entire series.
 This time it was the girlfriend who gave a pair of shoes.

6. It has the most unique wedding proposal I've ever seen.
 Can you see the rolled paper held by Jang Don Gun? It made the wedding proposal so unique.

7. And as always, it made me believe in happy endings (cheesy, I know) Haha

To my friends who are interested to with this drama series, you can watch it through Drama Fever. It's a free application for all Apple users.