Happy Sunday! As always, this is dedicated to all the beautiful things that made my week.

One of the best flats ever! Yosi Samra, I'm saving up to acquire another pair.

Tweed jacket and a crisp white button blouse, this remain as my ideal work outfitey! Unfortunately, they only look good in pictures for me. Tweed jacket is never ideal for commuting because it would cause me to squeeze out all those nasty sweat. While a white top looks so refreshing, the careless person in me will surely magnet all those dirt and stains. Hence, pardon my occasional outfit posts. Heehee

Shopaholic Treats
I already acquired an e-book version of Alice Kuiper's first book. While it's cheaper and more convenient to acquire e-books, nothing still beats the smell of a brand new book. The harbound cover and the crisp pages never fail to intoxicate the bookaholic in me.

Allow me to overuse the words, finally and firsts. Would you believe that I finally acquired my first authentic leather belt? I scored this half of its original price from a mall wide sale. I later realized that some locally produced leather belts costs cheaper than the synthetic versions sold by my favorite international brands.

Weekly Dose of  Stomach Treats
I'm glad to know that Dunkin Donuts is engaging in some product development efforts lately. I was actually more interested in purchasing their own version of Cronuts. Unfortunately, my wallet does not provide the means that time. :)  I ended with a cheaper but still expensive red velvet donut. My verdict? Let's reserve that in another post together with the cronuts.

I never liked those instant cup noodles that are conveniently available everywhere. The first time I tasted a local brand, I felt like I was eating a box of artificial preservatives. My attempt to try another cup of noodles happened when I felt saturated with my usual afternoon snacks. I invaded the rack of oriental goodies and landed with this Korean noodles. There were no English words, only an indication that this is flaming hot. True enough, my bravery was tested to the fullest. :)  It wasn't as flavorful the way I expected it, but a bit better than those locally produced variants.

Lanzones, one of my favorite fruits is in season
For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, Lanzones is a fruit that thrives among Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand. You can learn more about Lanzones here.

Frostea, another foodie discovery!
I accompanied my friend T for a work related task. Before parting ways, we decided to have dinner in this unique Milk Tea Shop. Why unique? They offer snacks and full meals apart from the usual flavored milk tea.

I opted for Cookies and Cream smoothie and a carbo loaded chicken tenders.

Before Friday ended, my Father arrived home with this

Puto Bumbong!! I'm feeling my favorite time of the year. Yay!