Happy Sunday!

This is one of those relaxing weekends I had over the past months. Teaching is over for a while. No papers to check, no lectures to review and no deadlines to chase. My schedule is limited to my office job and I can finally concentrate on my current documentation project.

While I'm savoring another rare weekend, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

The many faces of Patch (Actually, his name is Grey. I don't like it so I'm insisting of calling him Patch in my blog. heehee)

Sad, gloomy or maybe HUNGRY like this blogger

Happy after a great meal!
And since I'm talking about loading the heavy belly, my friends know that a Sunday post will never be complete without these

Foodie Discoveries
Chicken pops from Bon Chon - This was an impulsive purchase after a long day of computing and encoding the grades of my dearest college kids. The spiciness, crunchiness and all that grease are so worth it!! Haha

Kitkat Green Tea - My friend T introduced me this variant. The not-so-chocolate addict in me immediately fell in love with the mild sweetness and unique flavor. As much as I want to have this as part of my regular treats, the little hefty price and the limited sellers never fail to deprive me. To my friends who want to make me happy on my birthday and this Christmas, you know what to give me ;)

The famous and humongous breaded porkchop in Binondo can be found in Tasty Dumplings. I've been hearing great reviews about Tasty Dumplings. I haven't tried the place even though it's just blocks away from the workplace. In the middle of the year, a freelance client brought me here and like what I always say, I now have the bragging rights for this foodie experience. The breaded porkchop defines the name of the restaurant. It was crunchy and tasty from the breading to the core of the meat. The accompanying soup was good and their specially made noodles complemented this belly heavy meal.

I can feel my favorite time of the year!

I did a little Christmas shopping this week. I hoarded these cute notebooks and notepads from National Bookstore. I don't want to spend much on Christmas wrappers so I decided to do some DIY. I used the washi tapes I won from Lea's giveaway and played with the old and useless magazines. Yay or nay?

The shopaholic hormones strikes again!

Two bags in a month!?! So bad!!!! To my defense, the black bag from Mango was purchased from a sale.

Marionnaud eyecolor brush.. finally! I always rely on the free brush provided on most eye color palettes. My consistent problem with the complementary brush is the lack of durability. I've been planning to purchase a set of makeup brushes for the longest time. Before the week ended, I decided to try this brand from Watsons. I already used the brush and realized why members of the female populace invest on a set of expensive brushes. The stroke and effect of a separate brush is way better. My shopaholic hormones is calling me to purchase the entire set of brush paraphernalia. But just in case my not-so-generous friends would want to make me happy, this is another option :)

Cutest and comfiest mouse pad for only Php 88 at Saizen. This can make another great Christmas gift.

My friend C gifted me with this cute souvenir from her Vietnam trip. Another country to visit in my list? Let's see :)

I scored this Paul Arden's book 20% off its original price from Fully Booked. Yay! I'm loving the short success stories and messages it convey. On the right is a beautiful view from the workplace. I haven't noticed this for quite some time. I guess I've been forgetting to stop and smell the flowers (though it's artificial hahaha). I should take advantage of this rare short break to slow down, forget the pressures and take each day as it comes....even just for a while.