Sunday, November 17, 2013

Beautiful Sunday # 82 - Life will get better

This is just one of those days when all I wanted is silence and a temporary escape. As much as I feel devastated for my fellowmen in the South, I also have my share of grown-up challenges to overcome. This is not the best way to end the year.

On the way home, I happened to catch the lighting of the tree that has been a part of my growing up years.

It reminded me of so much happy memories. 

I will believe and hold on. I know, life will get better soon.


  1. It is so hard to fathom what has happened. I'm thankful that we can help in a small way by donation and a bigger way through prayer.

  2. I am keeping you in my prayers sweet friend. Your buddy, Diane

  3. Dearest Diane,
    I am so glad you saw the lighting of the tree in passing. It's like it was meant to be as a sign that everything will be ok, even in this time of devastation. I am so sorry to hear about the amount of loss through this tragedy in the Philippines. I hope that you and your loved ones are alright and I pray for you and your country. Take care Diane

    p.s. I am back from the land of no internet... so I will be in touch more often!

  4. p.p.s I can't believe you are on # 82 of your "Beautiful Sunday" posts!

  5. Diane, I'm truly sorry about the tragedy of the Taifun that happened in your country. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to those that have lost loved ones.
    The tree looks so pretty all lit up! At the end of this month my little town will have a tree set up on the market square. Take care always,


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