The days are long, but the years are short. 
~Gretchen Rubin~


Before I regained my interest in blogging, I used to read everything written in my planner before the year ends. I treat my planner as a personal journal where I record the significant events every day. Maybe in another post, I can share snippets of my planner turned journal over the past years. While I still maintain a planner, blogging quite changed me. Most significant events to memorable everyday experiences in my life are documented here.

Looking back the year that is about to end has become a personal tradition. Over the past days, I've been reading my posts in 2013. I read everything and compiled here the best and memorable.

Casa Corazon
We didn't have our annual spiritual retreat in one of my favorite places. I was sad because I will not be seeing Caleruega in 2013. We were instead housed in this unique resort and ancestral house in Batangas.

Casa Corazon is a fusion of attractions you never expect to exist in one place. The resort provides a breathtaking view of Batangas, growing number of swimming pools for an upcoming resort house, collection of vintage cars, museum of BMW bikes and a very Filipino ancestral home.

These are some events I want to recur in 2014. On the first month of 2013, I was able to organise a mini-reunion with my college friends. Time flies so fast because it's been a decade since our college graduation. I hope that my dear friend A will have the initiative to organise another reunion in March.

My workplace friend T and I have been visiting Binondo during the Chinese New Year. We have been doing this every year. I hope the tradition will not break in 2014.

Another friend tied the knot last June 2013. I was one of her bridesmaids. I'm not sure if any of my single friends have plans or wedding surprises for 2014. heehee Setting aside the stress and worries over the bridesmaid gown that never fails to make me look fat, I would be the happiest if another friend finds Mr. Right 2014. Hello dearest friends G and C!

Hello Singapore!
This is another country I want to visit again. I was amazed with the city's excellent urban planning and economic progress.

Setting aside the unpleasant experience from the immigration officer in Manila and my supposedly travel companions, I don't ever regret saving and spending for a trip to Singapore. On a personal note, I have unfinished businesses here. If given the chance to return in Singapore, I will make things right even if it means traveling alone. By the way, I have to mention that I met a Filipina blog friend here in Singapore. Hello Zigird!

How can I be a tourist in my own country? I was thankful that my Boss initiated and organized this summer trip. Palawan is so beautiful to be missed. A number of prominent personalities from other countries have been mesmerised by Palawan. If I will tour and sponsor a trip to the Philippines to a blog friend, Palawan is definitely in my list.

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Of course, the Korean drama series addict has to have an item for her favourites :)

Iris and Gentleman's Dignity made it as the best Korean drama series I had this year. Iris captured all the drama and suspense. Gentleman's Dignity gave me the best romantic comedy flix.

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo
I can forever spend my weekend mornings here. Best about everything is the location within my hometown.

My trip to Corregidor came as a surprise. I was catching up with some friends through Facebook. After a few exchange of messages with my dearest friend Ate B, I was bound to see Corregidor in one weekend. Can I just say that this is one of the limited perks I enjoy because of singlehood? :)

Celebrating another decade
And I just died haha I entered another decade in my life this year. I reach the age I'm dreading for the longest time. I'm turned 30 before 2013 ended. It wasn't the best birthday I ever had.  However, things got better over the next days. There were surprises and opportunities that emerged.

How could I summarise my 2013? It has been another year of travel and discoveries. I had my own share of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. I met and found new friends. I still have my weight problems. I'm still battling my financial management issues. There were undocumented trials and as always, the grown up problems. At the end of the day or year :) I'm grateful for everything that happened in 2013.