I'm blogging using my shared internet from my mobile phone. Hence, the short and quick post. We have problems with our ISP the entire weekend. :(

I'm hoping this post will get uploaded. I'll update as soon as I get decent internet connection at work.


Thank God, internet connection at home was finally fixed. Technically, I'm writing this Sunday post on a Monday.

Much of the past week was spent doing freelance works and attending to my editing job as a teacher. In the middle of the work week, my friend CC invited us for dinner in Binondo. You can see more of that in my previous post.

Because I was quite drowned with work, it's only now when I realised that I'm writing my first post for February. There will definitely be more work ahead but as always, there are a few surprises and beautiful things that come along the way. Here are a few and I hope to see more for this month.

Button down shirt from Arrow - When I gained weight, shopping for a decent blouse became a challenge. Shopping is no longer the same when I was 120 lbs. It would entail a lot of fitting rooms and shops to visit. I needed a new top for an upcoming presentation (today and I'm so nervous). I don't have the time and energy to shop (I find it quite unusual for myself). I was left to try Arrow boutique in Gateway Mall. It was an attempt I will never regret. I found the perfect fit.

Mini Mooncake from Eeng Bee Tin - I still have goodies from our annual Chinese New Year tradition.

A tall cup of Coke and Spicy Noodles - One of the best unhealthy combinations to keep me awake at the workplace

Gift! - I love the detailed gift wrap from Rustan's. This made me appreciate Rustan's despite the little hefty price of their products. I pay a little more in exchange for quality service.

Fried Squid -A dish I wish to have everyday! The crunchiness and oiliness make me crave and drool.

Doritos - While other people would consider chocolates as their comfort food, I'm fine with a huge bag of delicious chips.

Another gift for a dear friend - Hi CC! This gift will be personally delivered by your Mr. Dream Boy heeheee CC doesn't read my blog unless I told her. So my surprise is still safe here.

Lychee Shake - Can I just devote a day in the entire week in Binondo? The foodie discoveries never fail to make me the happiest.

Gourmet Popcorn - I discovered this from the workplace's canteen. It wasn't as great as Chef Tony but enough to make my belly heavy happy.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!