I'm feeling better after a week of catching all those sicknesses. I had cough, colds, body ache and some minor allergic reactions. There's still the workload but a few will be over soon. Thank God! I also managed to do my personal errands (finally). There are still a couple of items left unaccomplished. But hopefully this week, everything will be done. Meanwhile, here are the few beautiful things that made my week

The ABC's of Mother Teresa - This was everywhere at the workplace last week. Unfortunately, I can't figure out the organization responsible for this. Anyway, thanks for this nice reminder.

The Longest Corkboard at the workplace - My Big Boss is quite obsessed decorating the office. For this week, he had the longest corkboard installed.

Oreo Cake - Yes, this will forever be a favorite. One of the many reasons why I love reporting for work hahaha

Dunkin Donut's Munchkins - Butternut and Red Velvet munchkins never fail to make me happy.

Jollibee! - My lunch buddy was on vacation leave the entire week. I ended up treating myself with so much unhealthy fastfood.

Getting Healthy! - Mother and I agreed to do something about my unhealthy eating habits. While I can't totally eliminate my junk food intake, she suggested that I bring a box of sliced fruits everyday. This combination is my favorite for the entire week.

I've been tired lately. Tired to the extent that all I wanted was to eat, sleep and stay home. When I had the chance to go home early, I dropped by the shopping mall for some window shopping. Another unhealthy habit I want to break .. but hey, I deserve some treat ;) Hence the shopping bag above.

Cute Shopping Bag - I scored a nice blouse from Wrangler and was surprised with a graphic paperbag depicting their company history.

Weaved Shoal and Wallet - These were gifts from two colleagues who went down South for a presentation. Thanks Ma'am L and Ma'am P.

Bobbi Brown Coffee Table Book - Thanks Imma! My blog prize finally arrived. I really love the book.

Movie Date with my workplace friends - Yes, I watched the most talked about local film. (insert twitter hash tag) How do I unlove you? 

Dinner Date with some friends at the workplace - Hooray for movie dates and great food. Hey, CC!

Chocolates on Valentine's Day - Some chocolates I received on the 14th. Unfortunately, they aren't from someone smart, single and handsome. Hahahaha

This is the best way to end a tiring work week! Hooray for great food ... minus a friend who was suddenly ruined by her moody hormones. Heehee

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!