Take it easy! This should be my mantra, despite all the unpleasant surprises I had over the past days. Some are related to work, which I can't share here. ;) There are the piles of bills to pay and some people who have this natural talent of spreading the bad vibes. I also have to mention that I need to report for work today. Working on a Sunday?! I'm not complaining though. This calls for another opportunity to become productive and lessen the pile of tasks and responsibilities. I have a long day ahead. But before I face another day, let me recall the few beautiful things that made my week.

Waking up on new mornings - The view was taken from my room. It was only this week when I discovered this view. This can be attributed to the fact that I'm always exhausted and in a hurry every morning. I know, this is not the best way to start a new day. Mornings are supposedly faced with optimism but these days, it has become a struggle.

Elegant chair from Apple & Eve - I did my favorite stress busting activity in the middle of the week. I tried a top from Apple & Eve. The fitting room included this dainty dresser chair. I wanted to take the chair home! The structure of the chair is perfectly complemented by the pink and very feminine design of the upholstery.

The Big Boss's Knight Collections - Colleagues, students and even guests are all eyeing for my Boss's collections. The school doesn't often produce these pieces. This makes the Boss's collections  more priceless and valuable.

Someone is waiting for some Serendipity - I never had the inclination to write anything on paper bills. At some point, I felt that such act is disrespectful. But after watching this hopeless romantic flix, my mind changed. Hahaha How many have watched Serendipity? If the person who wrote the name of her/his?!? alleged boyfriend was inspired by Serendipity, then here you go friend! I hope my blog gives you that sign you've been praying for. ;)

As always, please brace yourselves for the foodie posts 

Ube Hopia from Palawan -  I didn't know that ube hopia and crinkles are a hit in Puerto Princesa. My BFF who went to Palawan gave me a box of sumptuous ube hopia. Thanks Dude!

California Maki - Tokyo Tokyo may not be the best Japanese restaurant in town. But I love their very cheap California Maki.

Fortune Cookie! - I want to confess something. This is my first time to open a fortune cookie. Hahaha I'm not kidding. The same BFF gave this fortune cookie, which came as a freebie from Chowking. I love the message it's just that I was hoping beyond friendship. LOL (Can you blame the single-30-year-old in me?)

My daily dose of fruits - Thank you Nanay for my fruitbox :) This is my forever favorite fruity combination.

Pizza and cheesy sausage rolls - My parents got tired of my Mc Donald's delivery. They asked for pizza over the weekend. How can the obedient daughter refuse? :) As expected, everyone was very belly happy.

The attack of the street food - Pardon the ewww for some. In the Philippines, chicken or pork intestines are cleaned, marinated and grilled. For the benefit of my foreign blog friends, we call this dish as Isaw. I had some unhealthy sticks in the middle of the week with my friend CC.

Another common street food here are fish balls, kikiam (made from ground pork and vegetables), squid balls and hotdogs. We love everything deep fried served with the sweet-spicy sauce.

Before the week ended, we have to attend the annual awards night at the workplace. Awards and recognition are given to employees because of their loyalty, notable contribution and other achievements.

I love the candle floating on a wine goblet of flowers and shells - I almost wanted to take this home. Hahaha But no, I didn't.

The unique stage - The organizers decided to use the tall staircase of the main building as part of the stage. I think I like the concept. 

Me and CC! - Setting aside my huge and round face, I think I look decent enough for a wrap around blouse. :) The blouse was perfect in hiding my expanding arms and belly.

Instant White Board! - I used my cubicle's glass divider as white board. This would remind me of my targets for my documentation project.

I hope you had a great week too. Stay happy, beautiful and TAKE IT EASY :)