I originally planned to write something special for my 100th Beautiful Sunday. However, something sad happened at the workplace. In the middle of the week, someone announced her unexpected farewell. Truth is, there are two great people leaving the workplace. One is my superior in teaching. The other is a best friend I grew up with for the last NINE YEARS. Obviously, I'm more affected with the surprise departure of my very best friend. The thought that the next months meant being alone is making me cry. I'm trying to condition myself that farewells are not really endings. It symbolizes new beginnings I have to face. I'll talk about this in another post. For now, let me continue with my regular Sunday ritual.

Oreo Milkshake at the workplace's cafe - This has been offered by the workplace's cafe for quite a number of years. It was only last Monday when I managed to purchase one. At Php 75, this can serve as a great companion on those sleepy, boring and lonely afternoons at work. Better to some extent because it's way cheaper than my favorite Java Chip from Starbucks. 

And yes, I have to emphasize being lonely... The next months at workplace requires a lot of tolerance and endurance for sadness. The school's ghost town atmosphere during the summer break is contributing to the melancholy mood. If I may borrow John Green's words from the The Fault in our Stars, that's the problem with pain.. it demands to be felt.

Japanese crackers and peanuts - I don't exactly know the name of this cute Japanese snack. This is a regular freebie at the workplace courtesy of the boss. My colleagues don't like the mixture of flavors which is overpowered by saltiness. My weird taste buds however like it. 

Siomai and bits of chili - I cannot count how many times I've included this comfort food in my Beautiful Sunday series. Pardon the overexposure, but this never fails to relieve my exhausted self.

Coke and Potato Chips - Another great companion while I'm checking papers and encoding the grades of my students. Unhealthy? Yes but this never fails to kill my sleepy hormones.

Rare words of gratitude and appreciation - This is happiness! When one of your students thought of sending you short yet meaningful words of gratitude. The other written thank you note was written on the examination paper. This made me laugh for a while because of all the twitter handles. But seriously, I'm likewise thankful for another stressful yet fulfilling semester.

Jollibee is returning their classic spoon and fork?! -  Is this for real? Only kids at my age can understand and relate with Jollibee's classic spoon and fork. :) This makes eating the classic sweet spaghetti more fun. 

Confessions of a Shopaholic - This has been my stress busting and anti-sadness coping mechanism. When my best friend announced her immediate plans of resignation, I left work early and tried to entertain myself with beautiful things. I went to the shopping mall and took advantage of the mall wide side. To my defense, I don't have a decent blazer for a corporate attire. (Blame the weight gain and overweight problems.)

More than the photo uploads, this video made me smile for a while

I never imagined a Catholic nun competing for the much coveted title from The Voice - Italy. Way to go Sr. Cristina!!

Lastly, here's a beautiful opportunity for everyone who loves Victoria's Secret products. Visit Shayne of Queen of all You See for a chance to win a surprise beauty package.