Before I reach my 100th Beautiful Sunday post, I'm having thoughts about renaming this series. I should name it Foodie Sunday instead. :) Those who regularly read know the reason. Every Sunday post becomes a showcase of my foodie indulgences. All my Sunday posts enable me to trace the contributors to my forever weight gain problems. When I get older and start to suffer those unexplained body aches, I know who and what to blame. The suffering will eventually remind me that at least, I enjoyed my younger years. I didn't deprive and starve myself.. I took advantage of every opportunity to savor life.. I mean food. ;)

Setting aside the drama (hahaha), let me share (as always and forever) the few good and beautiful things that made my week.

A Hand of Bananas : Dad's First Harvest - A few years ago, my Auntie T acquired a parcel of land near our home. Dad embraced the role of the caretaker. Since Auntie T has no definite plans for the property, Dad took advantage of the opportunity to raise a few crops. We love that Dad planted something edible, useful and organic. Yes, organic because Dad didn't use a drop of those chemical based fertilizers. 

Goldilocks' Mocha Birthday Cake - Yay for childhood memories! All children in the family grew up with this classic Mocha cake. There was never a birthday without Goldilock's Mocha  Cake. We love the brown icing, chiffon bread and those frosted sugar flowers we have to compete for.

My favorite variants of my fruit box - Thanks Mother for my healthy dose of happiness. I started doing this fruit box several weeks ago. Weight loss effects? None. The evident benefit I receive from my daily fruit box, I parted ways with constipation. :)

The showcase of all the unhealthiest starts now :)

Cheesy Beef Kebab and Java rice from Kebabers - Not in the photo is the chili garlic dip that complements all the grease and cheese. I had this after a long Friday which started from braving the crowds of the mall wide sale in the morning, reporting for work in the afternoon and attending my classes in the evening.

Paotsin! - I was so late to discover this very cheap yet tasty dumpling and hainanese rice. After my lone yet tiring Saturday class, I was in search for a great dinner. I don't feel like taking Mc Donald's or Taco Bell. I was likewise looking for budget friendly meals then. Like, less than Php 100? I found a stall of Paotsin and decided to give it a try. The total damage for this great meal, only Php 50. 

Breakfast Meal from Pancake House - I had breakfast for lunch. Whoever said this is not possible? :) In the middle of the week, I took a leave from work. I have to take advantage of the limited 20% price reduction of all items in a mall wide sale. I have to replace a very expensive equipment at home. I figured out that the mall wide sale is the best time to purchase. True enough, I was able to save thousands of pesos. But after waking up early and enduring the long lines, I felt the need to treat myself with this belly heavy meal.

Sinigang na Baboy  - For the benefit of my non-Filipino blog friends, this is pork, vegetables in tamarind soup. This is a common household meal here but it's rare that I enjoy it at home.

Another cheesy rolls - I'm loving this food stall at the workplace's canteen. This was the same stall that gives me my weekly dose of greasy fries and hash brown.

Pardon the ewww for some ... Chicharon Bituka (Crunchy Pig Intestines) -  This is so bad for my health. It has all sorts of bad fat and salt. But I guess, consuming this once a year is not really bad.

And finally, something away from these foodie posts..

Hot from Benetton - The mall wide sale was the culprit! How can I refuse the 20% reduction? A few of my friends and cousins always say that Hot is a nice perfume. I don't indulge in perfume shopping because I'm quite allergic to scents. Some perfume make me dizzy, sleepy and worst, cause me headache. But this particular perfume didn't give me any form of irritation. I guess I found a new and reliable companion now.

A new set of uniform - This may sound too petty  but I was the happiest, when I received my new uniform. I love that it came in vertical stripes and a darker shade. It's far from the bland beige uniform that made me look more fat. I will wear this tomorrow with a new pair of shoes... shopaholic hormones strike again ;)

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!