Sunday, May 4, 2014

Beautiful Sunday # 106 - First of May

And just like that, it's already May! If given the choice I would like to skip this month because I still dread the deadline for my documentation project. If I didn't meet my May deadline, (Don't worry, I will not be dead. haha) it might become a major setback in my career. It would make me sad and frustrated. It would take away my self-esteem, which I have been chasing so hard lately. Sounds like another source of negativity, this can be explained in another blog post. For the mean time, let me share the few good and beautiful things that made my week.

Hello May! - It's now or never for me.

My first pair of pink shoes - A pink shoes for the forever blue addict in me? Blame the online sale of Anthology flats and some moments of afternoon loneliness in my working niche. I was convinced to own one since I never had one in my entire lifetime. :P The shoes were comfortable except for the color. Hahaha I'm still not at ease wearing some evident pink.

Yay or Nay? for the blouse - It has been ages since I last wore this blouse. It used to be an oversized top that can be worn with leggings or super skinny jeans. Unfortunately, my weight gain problems caused this blouse to shrink. Heehee It turned out as a regular blouse now. Or maybe, it's only the blouse that shrunk at all? 

Tan Leather Bag - I purchased this from ASOS. (Blame Zigrid heehee) After a long wait, the bag arrived with a lot of side stories. I will blog about the entire shopping experience soon. 

Hello Ghost Town! - This area is always occupied by the students from June to March. When summer vacation comes, it's good as forever quite and deserted. Call me weird, but I appreciate the rare silence once in a while.

Army Navy! - Our failed trip to 8065 Bagnet landed us to Army Navy. Not a bad substitute since I've been craving for quesadilla and spicy fries.

Humongous French Fries from Mc Donalds -  So this is the BFF bundles promoted by Mc Donalds. It's really huge that it can be consumed by three people.

Kitkat Green Tea - It's easier to purchase this treat now. This is already available in Japan Home / Daiso stores for Php 200. Still pricey, but so much cheaper than prices of all those Instagram resellers.

Paotsin saves the day - I was too late to discover Paotsin. The full meal has kept me company in those lonely dinner after work. I'd rather surround myself with comfort food than drown myself with my recurring sadness, frustration and self-esteem issues. Life is good... with great food :)

Squash Patties (Okoy made from Kalabasa) - I don't often encounter great food from the workplace's canteen (Sorry Mr. G). This squash patty is now counted as an exception. I love that it tastes good and it's not meat.. therefore a healthier alternative for me.

French Macarons from A - Thanks A for sharing your blessings from Singapore :) These are macarons from TWG. The best is the dark chocolate (if I'm not mistaken). 

Ultimate Korean Girl Crush (photo owned by Drama Beans)  - Kim Tae Hee!!!! Anyone who can guess the drama series? I spent my entire Saturday for this. I'm in Episode 17 while having a break and typing this post. There are a lot of sub stories and the entire plot is too dragging and stressing! I guess I need to detoxify with the some light romantic comedy after this. 

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

UPDATE: Here's another beautiful reason to be happy this week. My favourite Papemelroti is hosting  a giveaway.  Win this

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  1. hi D, im very positive na makakaya mo mameet ang deadline mo. uyyy Asos hehehe ganda ng bag D! naku bad experience ba, sorry,,, will wait for ur kwento. ako naman tempted ako palagi kaso palagi may tax yung order ko, ung isang ka group ko naman sa new zealand wala daw tax.

    1. Hindi naman negative :) Mabait nga sila eh... nagkaminor problem lang.. kwento ko pag-naayos na.. i paid Php 50 mandatory customs inspection fee..wala din problem sa taxes

  2. hi D, ano palang site ung anthropology, ang pretty ng pink shoes mo. :)

    1. :) gorabells sa items on sale

  3. I hope you meet your deadline early so that you can enjoy this month! LOVE your new bag! Enjoy your day my friend and namemate! Hugs, Diane

  4. May will be over before we know it...where does the time go? I think your pink shoes are adorable and they look so comfy. You've made me hungry again, oh, those quesadillas look delicious!

  5. I love the collar of the blouse and your pretty pink shoes. I have a pair of bright pink Chuck's and I always want to have fun when I wear them!

  6. Mmm.. seem that you had a nice week . This kit kat is different! is it green tea something? i have never saw one like that before ;) intreasting ....

  7. Pink shoes!!! Congrats, they look great :)
    I hope you meet your deadline. I'm not fond of them either. Good luck!!!
    I've never seen green KitKat before. I doubt I'll find it here ;-) The macarons look delicious - for those I would have to travel to the big city...
    wishing you a great week and keeping fingers crossed for you :)

  8. Curious about the KitKat, we haven't got those over here! Just the plain chocolate ones.


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