Before everything else, Happy Mother's Day!. My greetings particularly go to my namemate Diane, Janelle (even though you rarely blog haha), Jamie, Betsy, Kaith, and Jennifer. As for my own mother, I will be treating her for a mall date later. Yay!

Before my much awaited date with Nanay, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

The best way to end Friday! - I treated myself with Wendy's Pretzel bacon burger, juiciest fries and a tall glass of coke. I admit, It wasn't the best. I'm a bit disappointed but for the sake of belly cravings, I guess I had enough.

Daily dose of healthy treats - My ideal fruit box should have slices of mangoes and watermelon, above anything else. To my dear friends who are like me, exposed to all the threats and temptations of unhealthy food, I highly encourage a daily dose of this fruit box. You can never see the benefit in my widening and bulking belly hahaha but the fruits aid a lot in digestion. Take it from my personal experience! My appointments to the toilet have become effortless and less traumatizing. :) 

Sylvannas from the Big Boss - I'm very fortunate to have a Big Boss who knows how to give great gifts. These sylvannas came all the way from Dumaguete. Who ever thought that the best sylvannas in the Philippines can be bought down South. Anyone visiting Dumaguete? Oh please, drop by Sans Rival and Pastries (yep, that's the name of the shop) and treat me with another box :)

Personalized! - I'm loving Zalora Ph more and more! I bought a discounted belt bracelet that arrived in less than 3 days. I just wish that Zalora Ph will be able to attract more brands and merchants like their counterpart in Singapore and Hong Kong. Can we have Kenneth Cole, Tory Burch and Kate Spade bags please? :)

Some photo snippets from the workplace

View from the Toilet ;) - I swear! You can have a partial aerial view of this historical landmark in Manila from the secret toilet at the workplace.

Blooms of May - I grew up with this tree at the workplace. If the cycle still holds true, the blooms signify that summer will soon be over. Hello rainy season! It's time to dust off my jackets and plastic shoes again.

Anyone who can identify the tree? - The towering trees have been a constant view from my almost 10 years of working.

Cobblestones and grass - I have this weird habit of taking this pathway everyday. I don't mind the uneven floors and the spaces that serve as a trap for those heels and stilettos. I don't wear heels anyway.

I happen to work for a school who has produced a Catholic saint :) ... Maybe I could start praying and rendering my intentions through his intercession.

Wooden lamp posts and tables - This could have been a perfect spot for coffee and sweets. Everything is so quiet because of the summer break.

Wishing well no more - This used to be a nice wishing well. Unfortunately, the stagnant water is giving a home for dengue mosquitos. The area looks so beautiful during Christmas with all the lights and locally produced decors. This reminds me, they didn't anymore took off the Christmas Belen.

Too shabby and pretty - This area has been a witness to stories of sadness and laughter from both the students and employees. If only staying here won't make me look awkward, I would love to have my lunch breaks here.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! I'm off to watch this famous Korean drama series before going out with Nanay :)