It's the third week of May. I barely have two weeks before my deadliest deadline. How I wish I could really relate everything here. I'm beginning to worry and feel nervous about everything. My cramming skills are being tested. :) I even took a leave last Friday because I wanted a break and a change in working environment. I would like to try the idea of working at home. I know, you should never bring work at home. However, I cannot discount my past freelance works. I accomplish them at home and I can finish an entire project for two consecutive nights. For some reason, I find myself productive in those wee hours when the entire environment is so quiet. I would like to try this set-up with my office work.

Setting aside that aspect of my life, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week.

Regent's ready to eat Belgian Waffle - I discovered this from my random trips to the supermarket. Yes, I make random trips especially when I had a not-so-good day. I have this habit of exploring the racks of the food section. I love to look for new products and this was my recent successful discovery.  The waffle does not exactly taste like what we purchase in food stalls. The bread was soft and a bit sweet for me. Solution? I have it toasted and spread butter to dilute the sweetness. 

Paotsin's Hainanese rice and Shark's Fin - You never fail to make me happy! This is comfort food that doesn't break my always limited budget. This is happiness that can be bought for only Php 50. I also have to say that the two male attendants at their Robinsons Metroeast branch are so accommodating. I hope they will get rewarded and recognized.

Potato Wedges - This is another product of my random trips to the supermarket. Heehee I've been looking for huge cut fries since last year?!? My favorite supermarket is finally supplying it. 

Hooray for another favorite, KFC!!! I tried their newest offering, the cheesy fried chicken. As seen in their ads, this is fried chicken with chicken powder spread. And my verdict, it was just fine. The reliable bucket of fries somehow saved the day.

Early this week, we visited a partner school situated in the Northern part of NCR. The school is housed in a 18-hectare land filled with trees, parks and beautiful pathways.

You'll never go wrong with old benches with intricate detailing. This can be a perfect spot to practice photography.

My first Sanuk! - I know, ugly shoes. Haha Other people who find Crocs ugly share the same perceptions with Sanuk. I don't know what convinced me to acquire one. I window shopped in one of their branches and found a cute design for Php 2,790?! However, my everyday online window shopping at Zalora made me discover other designs. I found this moon and owl design at a cheaper price. I even learned that my credit card offers 20% discount for Zalora. And the rest is another shopaholic history. Hahaha 

Cute yet very true reminders for the kiddies - I found this inside the school we visited. I hope the kids will be able to imbibe it. 

Here are more photos from the school

I find this pathway so romantic :)

Wishing everyone a Beautiful Sunday!