I promise, this will be the last time I will write about my documentation project. :D The upcoming week will be the deadliest deadline. The Big Boss and I had plans of working over weekend. It entailed a little sacrifice because Monday is the big day for us. Surprise of surprises, we were granted another extension. Hallelujiah!! We were given until Wednesday to submit!! But since we have another meeting scheduled on that day, we are aiming for Tuesday. I took home all the work and planned to accomplish everything on Saturday. But you see, my mind and body are conditioned that Saturdays are meant for zzzzzzz Hence, the queen of procrastination in me prevailed. I'm typing this post on a Saturday night and I plan to sleep more. LOL But seriously, I promise to do the work on Sunday. I have to because we are meeting our project consultant tomorrow to finalize everything. Hopefully, my plans would materialize and all the hardwork from the heavens will enter my body. Haha

Setting aside this boring and serious aspect of my life, let me share the few beautiful things that made my week. 

Delimondo Corned Beef - The little expensive corned beef raved by some food bloggers. I have to try it for myself even though I'm not a supporter of the family who owns the brand ;) My verdict? It tastes like one of those imported cans of corned beef.

Cake from Mother's Friend - Thank you Tita C for sending an advance birthday gift for Nanay. 

Potato Wedges - Sorry for the repetitive photos of this french fries every Sunday. I'm obsessed with this brand.

Indian Mangoes - My mother is blessed with generous friends. :) Thank you for these newly harvested mangoes.

Multitasking in the dark ;) - I planned to answer a few emails from my freelance works. While checking my email, I played my favorite Korean drama series in the background. Can you guess what drama series? ;)

Instant TV - Our cable service provider is trying to ruin my weekend. Seriously, no TV over the weekend? Good thing the internet connection was efficiently working. My Nanay can watch her favorite episode of Dear Ate Charo #MMK haha

Jacob!!! - The photo has been uploaded in my IG account two weeks ago. I can't get over my nephew's cuteness.

Boxer Shorts from Bench - I can wear and live with this forever! This is one of non-sense things I look forward at home. "Braless" in my softest cotton shirts, boxer shorts, white and soft bed linens, this is life! ;) 

Meet my carpet pants LOL - Yay or nay? I purchased this last December, wore it once or twice in January and totally forgot its existence . This pants would either become a hit or miss from the few people who would notice it. This pants was a product of my dream to wear printed and floral pants. Unfortunately, they don't complement my ginormous thighs. So when I saw this pair days before Christmas, I was convinced that this was my only to chance to wear printed pants. Actually, the pants are not really printed. The patterns are embroidered and a bit delicate to wear.

Sssssh, I wore the pants twice this week - Can you blame me if I feel lighter and thinner whenever I wear it?

While waiting for my turn in the ATM machine - The place where I work is a historical landmark in Manila. Since I came here to work, I never had the chance to explore and take photos. I've been promising it for the longest time. Consider it as one of my blogging objectives before the year ends. :) 

Antique lamp for only Php 70 - I got this from (would you believe?) Toys r Us! I would have wanted it to function like a real alcohol lamp. It's rather operated by two huge batteries. This can become useful when we have unexpected power interruptions or a possible client for the candy buffet business requests a vintage or shabby chic theme. 

Who can beat my colleague's table? - He really ensures that his table is clean and empty before leaving. I just don't know about the work. Is he really completing everything before the day ends? Haha

The best I can achieve! - I cannot achieve a totally clean table because (my excuses), I'm using a laptop so I just leave the nasty cords around. I still use a mouse because I'm afraid of ruining my laptop's delicate touch pad. My calendar has always to be around. (non-negotiable) and I can't live without my 1.5 liter water bottle. I have to finish two full servings of water, otherwise I'll perish. Yes, I'm exaggerating. 

Texas Barbecue Pizza from the Big Boss - My ever generous Big Boss! There was never a week without a pizza delivery. Hence, the weight gain and expanding belly.

J.Co's Alcapone - Another blessing from the Big Boss! Others may find me weird but sorry I'm not a big fan of J.Co's doughnuts. This is the only variant I love from them. Good thing, the Big Boss was able to sense it. ;)

The other things that made my last week of May:

Words of appreciation from this cute and dainty blogger. Hi Theresa!

Lee Woo Jin of The Voice Kids South Korea is my ultimate kid crush. Haha Please head over to You Tube and watch his rendition of Mulan's My Reflection. 

My Cath Kidston bag finally arrived in my Auntie's house. Thanks Auntie T for letting me use your US address. :) 

DSW is a haven for shoes and bag addicts like me. Hence, this discounted floral tote waiting to be delivered to my Auntie A's house.