And just like that, weekend is already over. It's 10:10 pm and soon enough, it will be another work week. Unlike the previous weeks, I'm looking forward for a lighter and relaxing work load. Why? It's the examination week for our dear college kiddies. :p This means no lectures to prepare. I would instead be occupied by papers waiting to be checked and reviewed. Moreover, there will be two upcoming holidays. This means more time for me to rest and sleep. I can't wait!

Before I face another week, let me recount the few beautiful things I had.

Zalora never fails me! - All of my purchases were delivered the next day. They have regular promo discounts and for Mastercard holders, they have special discount every Thursday.

Book Depository - is another shopping site I love. My recent book purchases are done in Book Depository. They have extensive book collections from paperbacks to hardback copies. Best about everything, they offer free shipping. 

Cath Kidston!!!! - You are finally here. My first Cath Kidston bag finally arrived after months of waiting. There was a little disappointment about the color but when quality is considered, no regrets at all.

Pope Francis visiting South Korea for the Asian World Youth Day - I never thought that there are a lot of Catholics in South Korea. This further intensifies my dream to visit the Land of the Morning Calm.

There's a new item in my daily fruit box :) - Mangosteen breaks the monotony in my fruit box.

Cereals from Auntie A - Nanay does not believe that cereals can form a real breakfast. I always had rice or bread for breakfast in my entire lifetime. Back then, I somehow got envious with my classmates who were having corn flakes and koko crunch for breakfast. The deprived kid in me is for the first time (yes) trying to have that classic milk and cereals meal. And my verdict, Nanay is right. Haha I don't feel full with cereals and milk.

Potato chips, calamares and mayo sauce from Rustans's Supermarket - The newly renovated Rustan's supermarket in Gateway Mall is offering gourmet sandwiches (I have yet to try) and other cooked snacks. 

Bonchon's Seoul Rice and chicken - I love it! Thank you A and C for inviting me to dine out last Friday night.

Family Mart's Chocolates - It was my first time to enter a Family Mart store. We decided to walk to the train station last Friday because of the intense traffic. We passed by the historic Escolta and discovered a branch of Family Mart. I was reluctant to try their products so I ended with this bag of chocolates. It didn't disappoint. I now want to try their potato chips and other goodies. Minus the little hefty price tag, I look forward in walking to the train station again :)

Mini-cupcakes - This is happiness for Php 100 :)

My friends are calling me - The sun is about to rise and everyone is about to start their day. As for me, life is the opposite. I'm just about to sleep. I finished two freelance works since Friday night. It might be unhealthy for me but I can only find my working pace from midnight till dawn. Now this reminds me, I do hope that freelance clients will pay soon. I don't want another horror story of a client who decided to play unprofessional. 

Wishing everyone a  great week ahead!