This week started out well because it was holiday last Monday. :p Then last Tuesday, work was suspended because of the heavy rains. I had an extended vacay but it was ruined by an upset stomach. It was the worst case of stomach ache I had. It lasted for several days. My trips to the toilet were unbearable. I reported for work the next day but my stomach was still giving me intermittent pains. I never imagined how an upset stomach can cause that much pain. Things finally got better for me last Friday. I was still feeling weak but my trips to toilet became were lessened and stabilized.

I had bad days from Monday to Thursday so all the food posts you can see here happened on Friday.

Because I was deprived of food for four days, I had a foodie blast since Friday :p

Javachip Frappucino  - It's been a while Starbucks! Milk and chocolate are the enemies of an upset stomach. But how can I resist a free grande of Javachip? :) 

Pringles and M&Ms - Perfect weapon to waist expansion! If you want to cheer me up, this cheap treat can work for me.

Coke and Chippy - When the refrigerator does not give me decent food, the nearby sari sari store is there to save the day. This unhealthy meal didn't cost me more than Php 20.

How to celebrate Payday Friday - Payday Friday and my recovered stomach is ready to welcome a meal of beefy taco and nachos.

Splurge!- So this is how I already define a beauty splurge. I'm always willing to spend a little extra on shoes, clothes and CATH KIDSTON ;) Beauty related products are items I often set aside. But what prompted me to enter Body Shop last Friday was my eyelids. I recently noticed that my eyes are becoming smaller. I initially thought that my weight is the culprit. My expanding cheeks and rounder face make my eyes appear smaller. When I finally had the chance to examine my face, I was threatened by my sagging eyelids. My only intention was to purchase an eye cream that can slow down my aging skin. I wanted to try Nutriganics or Moisture White Eye Cream. I was taken aback because the little tube costs Php 1,295!! I searched for other products  and ended with a little cheaper Vitamin E eye cream.I thought I'll be leaving the store with this small tube. Turns out, Body Shop was having some promo. The sales personnel did her job well so in the end, I wrecked my wallet for another moisturizing cream. I just hope this rare splurge will be worth it. 

And speaking of my hiding those sagging eyelids - I'm still in the quest of finding the right shade of eye shadow.  My acidic skin often refuses those economy brands. Most eye shadows only last for a couple of hours on me. Hopefully this one will work out.

Dove Hair Therapy - Blame the few beauty blogs I read, I'm interested with Dove's newest hair product.

Chocolate Lover - Another source of splurge! I went here yesterday to purchase some chocolates for an upcoming project. I ended up buying an expensive decorative item. I really hope that client will not change his mind. Otherwise, I'm dead.