Finally, a decent post for my Sunday series. The documentation project at work is over. We have given our best effort.  The only thing we can do is to pray for positive results. I'm starting to feel half-hearted of its outcome. Part of me is saying, I should prepare for disappointment. But my heart remains hopeful. I have an emotional investment for this project. Just the same, I will hold on to my belief that the greatest Boss above hears prayers. He will not deprive anyone who has the purest and noblest intentions. :)

Setting aside the serious side of my life, here are the few beautiful things that made my week.

Thank you freelance clients! - My old trusted buddy finally laid to rest. I'm so thankful that some freelance works came in. Hence, I was able to secure another buddy that comes in color blue!! As much as I want to own a Mac, budget does not permit at this point. Likewise, some software I use for my freelance work is not available in OS Mavericks.

Someone cannot wait for the last quarter sale - Blame my exposure to eBay. I was able to find a UK based seller of authentic Cath Kidston items. After lobbying for some discounts, the seller gave in. I now have my first classic day bag.

The recent project - I was trying to test how our candy buffet would look like. We encountered some problems on the actual event. I will blog about this on my next post.

Chocolates, cookies and marshmallows in one - Define happiness!!

Flavored Silvanas - My first time to encounter these flavored silvanas from Marisa's. Best about everything, a piece costs only Php 20. 

Ice cream cake - What a deadly combination :) 

Mojos in Garlic Mayo Sauce - Happy Tummy but someone is whispering ... what about your widening belly?

Saturdate with Anne - I can't remember the last time I bought something from Starbucks. Thanks Anne for the free movie and coffee.. though I had Mango juice instead of coffee

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Thanks to my dearest friend Anne because I was able to watch some movies over the past weeks.

Thomas was the best, but I prefer Minho!!!

I can't wait for the sequel of Mia and Adam's story.

If this is the last from the Step up series, then I would like to say that they didn't disappoint. The film exceeded my expectations. 

And some unexpected and nice reminders from a recent purchase