Almost a week ago, I had the opportunity to finally see the beautiful City of Puerto Princesa. The City is known to house one of the new seven wonders of nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the attraction. As mentioned in the previous post, I went here for work. The limited stay did not permit me to really explore Puerto Princesa. I felt a bit sad, but not regretful. On my next trip to Puerto Princesa, I will ensure that my purpose of visit is for pleasure. :) No work to worries. Only new experiences to discover and items to cross out from my bucket list.

I may not have a travel adventure to document, but my short stay in Puerto Princesa was made special by Sienatel. This place is a training hotel owned and managed by the Holy Trinity University. The hotel's name was obtained from the Catholic congregation of St. Catherine of Siena or the Siena Sisters. 

Sienatel served as our home for three days. Unlike other hotels, Sienatel provided a secluded, serene and relaxing environment. It felt like staying in a retreat house that shields the visitors from the chaotic city life.

Entering the hotel is like getting inside an exclusive resort or those high end gated subdivisions. There's a beautiful garden landscape to welcome the guests. 

Seal of the Siena Sisters

The very modest and organized reception area

Having high ceiling is another distinct feature of Sienatel

Given that it's owned by a Catholic congregation, there's a chapel available 24/7

The in-house restaurant that provides a great view of Puerto Princesa.

Another evidence of their obsession for high ceilings 

One thing I will never experience in Manila
Breakfast and Great View of Palawan 

This is our everyday view from breakfast till the dinner. Although I wish they could develop the parcel of land fronting the lake. An infinity pool, fountain or a really nice garden that complements the lake view. 

How the in house restaurant appears from the back of the building 

One of the many Cashew trees

Pathway to our rooms

Not really a perfect view, but I believe this huge space here can turn to another relaxing  and scenic space once developed. Maybe a swimming pool, fish pond, fountain, garden or  a man made landscape can make this area more beautiful. 

Thank you Sienatel!

For more information about Sienatel, you can reach them through

Telephone : (048)4330375
Mobile Numbers : +639178781987, +639392847311
Email :
Instagram : Sienatel 
Website :

As for their room rates, here's what I found from their official brochure as of February 2015

Suite (good for 2, max. of 5) -  Php 3,700
Deluxe (good for 2, max. of 3) - Php 2,800
Superior (good for 2, max of 3) - Pho 2,500
Family (min. of 4 pax, max of 6) - Php 3,000
Extra Person - Php 699 

Inclusions are the following
1. Complimentary Breakfast
2. Fully airconditioned rooms
3. Cable TV 
4. Hot and Cold Shower
5. Roundtrip airport transfers