And the bad news are starting to pour more. It even extended in the family. Looks like the early quarters of the year are not doing anything good for us. Hopefully our fate will reverse at the end of the year. No more disappointments, only stronger and better persons, ready to face better lives ahead.

I'm holding on to my belief that I'm a work in progress. Along the way, I will not deny the fact that there are still a few good things enough to make me smile. One is the unexpected freelance work I wrote in my previous post. Writing opportunities that I hope will push through. Projects that were accomplished. The rare chance to leave the workplace early. Vacation leaves that gave me more time to sleep and eat better food. Little by little, life will get better. Meanwhile, here are more that made my week.

Becky's Kitchen -  My favorite cake! I was successful in forcing my dear friend A to visit Becky's before my extended leave. How ironic because I'm not a big fan of chocolate cakes. Me and my weird tasted buds. :D Yes, I have always preferred the non-chocolate cake variants. But Becky's made it as a rare exception. In fact, I prefer this than the Estrel's. Customer service, availability and sweetness are 5 out of 5 stars.

Manang's Potato Chips - I checked out the newly opened SM San Mateo with my mother. We had dinner at Manang's Chicken and sorry to say, I was disappointed. The chicken was way different than the first Manang's Chicken I tasted. The place also lacked some cleanliness. They however compensated through customer service. The service crews are polite and accommodating despite the bulk of customers. 

Choco Candy Sprinkle  from Dunkin Donuts - Just because the food selections at the canteen are very limited, I gained an excuse to grab some weight contributing guilty pleasure.

Bagnet 8065 - This was what happened before I dragged my friend A to Becky's Kitchen :) Bagnet, bagoong rice and manggang hilaw, ftw!

Current Read - Thank you Book Depository. This book was quite difficult to purchase among local bookstores. I wanted the paper back edition but surprise or surprises, the hardback was cheaper. Only to later realize, the real reason why the paper back was more expensive. Hardbacks are not convenient especially for commuters. Haha

Watson's Foot Feeling Mask -  Pamper day :) Watson's version was way cheaper the original Foot Appeal Peeling Solution. This only costs Php 87, compared to the Php 270+ of Foot Appeal. I never learned my lesson about cheaper goods. And you can guess it right, I'm a dissatisfied customer now. Take my words, Watson's versions is only good on packaging and design :)

Mad for Pizza - Another reason to love SM Manila :) I haven't tried Project Pie's DIY Pizza. This is the first restaurant that made me experience the concept of make your own pizza. I will write about this on a separate post. But overall, I love my experience at Mad for Pizza. Great food, unique interiors and excellent customer service, Mad for Pizza is one of my favorites. 

One of the advantages of having a blog is the ease of remembering my life over the past years. I checked my posts last year and as much as I don't want to admit it, life was better. I was happier. Exactly a year ago, me and my Boss are rushing the requirements for that great documentation project. It was my first time to stay at the workplace until 10 pm. I felt more accomplished and fulfilled. As of date, the outcome of my documentation project is still pending. I'm not sure if I can wait more. I'm losing my hopes too. There are far more concerns to attend now. I guess it's time to move on and seek better and greater things ahead.