This... is not my best time. If there's one thing I'd wish to happen, it's for this remaining summer month to end. I guess, I already had my quota of bad experiences for the past summer months. The week long leave gave me rest and isolation. I'm not sure if it really helped me. My first concern was how will I survive the entire week at home? One week seemed to be too long, especially for someone who have been working for 10 years. More so, for someone who has not yet consumed a week long break. It made me later realise, have I been depriving myself? I have more than 30 days of accumulated vacation leaves. While other colleagues could only wish for more leave credits, my problem is the opportunity they would want to have.

Before I reported back for work, I was wishing for answers to the many questions and concerns I have. Peace of mind, happiness and the chance to bounce back.... I never got any of what I prayed for. Instead, I was given something that would allow me to forget and divert. I was able to close a deal for a short-term freelance work.

More than the freelance work, it was how I acquired this work that made me the happiest. Saying that I'm happy is even an understatement.

I'm humbled, honoured and fulfilled. This was more than enough!